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I'm Leaving YouTube

I'm Leaving YouTube

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grateful to be alive..
What Happened To Us

What Happened To Us

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Time to Change.

Time to Change.

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  1. Matt Porter

    Matt PorterPred 16 urami

    Never would think it would be so hard to give away a free trip lol

  2. Houston Dmc

    Houston DmcPred 16 urami

    Hi from Russia! Nice dog name xD

  3. Sivar gamer

    Sivar gamerPred 16 urami


  4. J J

    J JPred 16 urami

    5:18 poor thomas😂

  5. Ema Ralte

    Ema RaltePred 16 urami

    The 'YES' theory is back! This kinda content is what got me to #yesfam

  6. hothotheat3000

    hothotheat3000Pred 16 urami

    I fear that people will use videos like this to take advantage of others by presenting themselves as being like you guys, then they whisk a woman to another country and can fill in the blank. We know YOU GUYS mean no harm, but this behavior is potentially dangerous for others. Be vigilant, everyone.

  7. Charles Sousa

    Charles SousaPred 16 urami

    I got goosebumps at the exact same time!

  8. Pao Adventurer

    Pao AdventurerPred 16 urami

    She’s a true traveler she had a free spirit ❤️

  9. DS

    DSPred 16 urami

    what about masks in elevators?

  10. robbin hood

    robbin hoodPred 16 urami

    why i didnt walk in this elevater

  11. GLORIA

    GLORIAPred 16 urami

    Puerto Rican here! I love this!!!

  12. Kors Presley

    Kors PresleyPred 16 urami

    I would have said yes the moment you guys said "Leave the Country" lmao

  13. Ana Melendez

    Ana MelendezPred 16 urami

    You really came to my BEAUTIFUL island and had the audacity NOT TO TELL ME ABOUT IT?!?! The next time you come to Puerto Rico you have to stay more time!!! There is so much to do that 24 hrs is simply not enough

  14. Manish Dadhich

    Manish DadhichPred 16 urami

    07:16 I can feel the pain

  15. Awenda18

    Awenda18Pred 16 urami

    “Beginnings always hide themselves in endings”. I wrote that down Matt ❣️

  16. LegendYD

    LegendYDPred 16 urami

    there were houses at the top of it was poop water🤢🤢🤢 you just bathed under

  17. Kevin DiOssi

    Kevin DiOssiPred 16 urami

    Man, this channel does some incredible storytelling in addition to some extremely fun videos along the way. I’ll be purchasing some merch to support.

  18. Abby Hallbeck

    Abby HallbeckPred 16 urami

    Jill gave me chills

  19. Aiham Adam

    Aiham AdamPred 16 urami


  20. Felix Felsmann

    Felix FelsmannPred 16 urami

    tf is that property

  21. Fantasy World

    Fantasy WorldPred 16 urami

    Am joining

  22. Darik Smit

    Darik SmitPred 16 urami

    She is amazing

  23. S Vidya

    S VidyaPred 16 urami

    Ammmaaar is so cute :(

  24. Sophiya Maharjan

    Sophiya MaharjanPred 16 urami

    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Love everything about this video ❤️

  25. Apatavin

    ApatavinPred 16 urami

    5:17 hahahaha

  26. Michelle Gabrielle

    Michelle GabriellePred 16 urami

    wait wait're telling me YES THEORY was on MY COLLEGE CAMPUS and I MISSED THIS !!! Punching so many holes in the air rn

  27. Navoddya Perera

    Navoddya PereraPred 16 urami

    You’ll always find the right person at the right time at the right place anddd always be ready to say YES 😎


    SCOTTY RYNEARSONPred 16 urami

    man im jealious

  29. H Ben

    H BenPred 16 urami

    carries iron or...what?

  30. Maylee Torres

    Maylee TorresPred 16 urami

    OMG! I just met Matt recently this past May in Puerto Rico! I had no idea he was leaving Yes Theory :( after watching this video it makes me so happy to know that I got to meet him! He’s so awesome! After an awkward “where do I know you from?! “ I was so excited to know it was him! I had to get a pic 😆 Matt Thank you for the epic part of my Puerto Rico Trip! Good luck on your next chapter, you’ll truly be missed!

  31. Airsoft Mitchel

    Airsoft MitchelPred 16 urami

    Please just ask me once!!

  32. Mary Richmond

    Mary RichmondPred 16 urami


  33. asian bowl of rice

    asian bowl of ricePred 16 urami

    yo is that the same eric that tried smoking without smoking and tried hypnotizing people???

  34. L L

    L LPred 16 urami

    Wait I'm confused, did I misunderstand or did the Minneapolis couple say yes but then they took another lady? I'm a bit lost

  35. PuBkracker

    PuBkrackerPred 16 urami

    Youre Guys are amazing =)

  36. Abir

    AbirPred 16 urami

    You guys literally said that Puerto Rico is the only place you can go without a passport, meaning it is within the country. So why did you guys say "leave the country" when you aren't actually leaving.

  37. dua bhatti

    dua bhattiPred 16 urami

    You Should Must Visit Pakistan Once in Your Life There is Natural Beauty Sweet Weather High Level Security & Peace 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰

  38. Somto Emeanu

    Somto EmeanuPred 16 urami

    That woman is an ANGEL

  39. Hussain Abbas

    Hussain AbbasPred 16 urami

    Loved every bit of the episode you guys are super super talented but I'd say yes without knowing anything to you guys 😊😂

  40. emzy

    emzyPred 16 urami

    So the lesson of this video for all the kids watching is trust any stranger you see in an elevator.

  41. The real: Einar and John Boxing Show

    The real: Einar and John Boxing ShowPred 16 urami

    What a crumbeling show.

  42. Golden gloo

    Golden glooPred 16 urami

    Could you go to Guam cause it's a part of the USA but nearly 10,000 kilometres away compared to Puerto Rico only being like 1000 kilometres from the coast of Florida.

  43. Rocco 23

    Rocco 23Pred 17 urami

    I loved the video!!

  44. Katherine Sharfe

    Katherine SharfePred 17 urami

    I think that these are my favorite videos of y’all’s!!!! Please do more??!!!!

  45. 魏孝光

    魏孝光Pred 17 urami

    At last new video.

  46. George von Fintel

    George von FintelPred 17 urami

    this is one of the few women where short blue hair is fine

  47. Rocco 23

    Rocco 23Pred 17 urami

    I loved the video!!

  48. cripplermaximus

    cripplermaximusPred 17 urami

    Jill is a queen.

  49. Tim Hennig

    Tim HennigPred 17 urami

    This guy just has balls of steel. I am not even brave enough to get on a free fall tower in an amusement park. Good on ya that you followed your dream through 👍😊

  50. YogTuryam

    YogTuryamPred 17 urami

    Woww its very lovely experience... i also heard most of positive life changing feedbacks of my students , its miracolus to those who wanna change and explore their subconcious mind , just start with 21 day habbit , and see the change😍 it also changed me ... as engineer to a yoga practitioner to yoga trainer....

  51. Angel De Leon

    Angel De LeonPred 17 urami

    This is the Yes theory I fell in love with.

  52. The Ultimate Reductionist

    The Ultimate ReductionistPred 17 urami

    As long as idiots and shitheads deny the prove fact of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) caused by humans relentlessly burning fossil fuels and exacerbated by them breeding & murdering billions of innocent animals in factory farms for no reason, people will question whether this whole Chernobyl Pripyat story is objectively scientifically real: whether it's just a story, hoax, created just to make scammers free money, or whether it is a quantitatively proved theory.

  53. Shiro

    ShiroPred 17 urami

    Did the dad had a Tardis ringtone? 😮😍

  54. Tristan Kubas

    Tristan KubasPred 17 urami


  55. Jose Vargas

    Jose VargasPred 17 urami

    The ending tho! hahah

  56. Mr. NYC

    Mr. NYCPred 17 urami

    Legend has it that black dude is still at that spot saying "Yaayy yeahhh".

  57. Kintuk chakravorty

    Kintuk chakravortyPred 17 urami

    I wish they come to my elevator next time

  58. Aneri Shah

    Aneri ShahPred 17 urami

    OMG y’all are trending on SLthrow. This makes me so happy!

  59. Golden Minecart

    Golden MinecartPred 17 urami

    Dude Cory has the same first and last name as me spelt the same way

  60. State NY - GTA5

    State NY - GTA5Pred 17 urami

    8:15 Isn't the guy in the white shirt Daniel from Cobra Kai?

  61. Peter Wamea

    Peter WameaPred 17 urami

    5:58 speaking of which, Eric Tabach indeed took the most time inside an elevator for 24-Hour for a buzzfeed video

  62. Peter Abild

    Peter AbildPred 17 urami

    A great video.

  63. Clark

    ClarkPred 17 urami

    Lmao @ the ending!!! You look unemployed! Bleep bleep bleep 😂😂

  64. Yareen Daghash

    Yareen DaghashPred 17 urami

    stoicism boi


    HVY_MTL_DRMRPred 17 urami

    At 3:02 the "Please wear your face mask" sign was pretty ironic

  66. Matias

    MatiasPred 17 urami

    Man I am mad that I live in Denmark cuz I wont ever get a chance to get in your videos

  67. Giancarlo Di Mizio Jr

    Giancarlo Di Mizio JrPred 17 urami

    I watched this while having an awesome omelette and awesome coffee and now i feel awesome.

  68. Savannah Hill

    Savannah HillPred 17 urami

    I laughed out loud at the Russian hat on that chihuahua. Excellent editing. 🤣

  69. Bl0rex

    Bl0rexPred 17 urami

    They didn’t show it but the entire time she kept asking to see the Yes Theory’s manager

  70. Liquid Flames

    Liquid FlamesPred 17 urami

    This is when it gets a little ify for me. They just happen to find the perfect person who just happen to be "going for a walk" who just happen to be a Puerto Rico historian who just happens to be doing the same kind of thing Yes does ... It's just too many coincidences. I'm not saying it's fake... I'm just having a hard time believing these videos anymore.

  71. Regin's Travels

    Regin's TravelsPred 17 urami

    I want to be part of the Yes Theory. #YesTheory

  72. Rahul Budhathoki

    Rahul BudhathokiPred 17 urami

    4:35 🤣🤣🤣

  73. Mike D

    Mike DPred 17 urami

    I needed this today. Thank you Yes Theory

  74. Timeless

    TimelessPred 17 urami

    I’ll give it a try.. super bummed I missed the free 60 days though.

  75. Zanzo 87

    Zanzo 87Pred 17 urami

    This is why i think we are an experiement the what we call aliens put us here to see what we could do and come herr to test our minds test us but not harm us and them put us back to carry on in life

  76. Quincyforex Mulamaker

    Quincyforex MulamakerPred 17 urami

    666k views. Lol I'm going to get the app just because of my lucky nr

  77. DreadMGA

    DreadMGAPred 17 urami

    This lady is just straight vibing! Love her spirit!

  78. JWG

    JWGPred 17 urami

    bring this back

  79. Zeded

    ZededPred 17 urami

    Both Ammar and Sky were the BEST