72 Hours With Strangers Who Have Seen Aliens

A few months ago Ammar heard about an incredibly strange event in Massachusetts on September 1st 1969 where several people that didn’t know each other from the same town claim to have been abducted by aliens on the same evening. The story seemed so surreal and otherworldly that we had to go speak to the people directly... Here are their stories. What do you think?

The UFO monument park is in loving memory of the late, Dr Howard W. Reed.

Hosts: Thomas Dajer, Ammar Kandil, Sky Cowans and Eric Tabach
Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry, Tristan Kevitch and Eric Tabach
Production coordinator: Alex Sandstedt and Tristan Kevitch
Directed by Ammar Kandil and Thomas Dajer

Thank you Eric Tabach for helping us capture and edit this video:

Thank you to Sky for pointing us towards this story:

Then of course thank you to Thom Reed and all of the other witnesses that were willing to speak to us and share their version of the story.

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Inspired by “Unsolved Mysteries” on Netflix


  1. Carole Denis

    Carole DenisPred 13 minutami

    Well done.....tip......aliens are the fallen Angels.....trying to mix with us on a physical level...dna....mixing......Evil agenda not higher than us ....beneath us......demons

  2. Jimmy Dickson

    Jimmy DicksonPred 40 minutami

    Just prove the things you can do or you are lying miss

  3. Eric Boykin

    Eric BoykinPred uro

    Remember when Jaden Smith asked Obama if aliens were real he said "I can neither confirm or deny that"

  4. Siddhant Kumar

    Siddhant KumarPred uro

    All this alien belief does sell I must say.


    CLOUD NINEPred uro

    Im not saying this guy is lieing. But don't put "police officer" words on a pedistol cause unless u been living under neath a rock the past 20+ years cops are the biggest liars and manipulaters....👍

  6. Justyna Kot

    Justyna KotPred uro

    Hi, I am not sure if I can reach the young lady that saw the flesh of light. I saw this myself and wanted to confirm the date, obviously it’s recent as all of you are wearing musks. We went into lockdown and I spent a lot of time watching the sky, during the day and night. What I saw its what she described and there was no sound. It wasn’t that high up in the sky . I don’t get frighted, as a saw many strange things, the thing is I live in Victoria, Australia.

  7. Team_Sixthree

    Team_SixthreePred 2 urami

    I have a strong feeling aliens have under water stations or whatever you would wanna call them. I have a weird story that happen to me once at the beach would regularly go every night and it’s weird what I saw was a huge light orange light not led bright but amber color no sound but moving caught my attention no way to explain where it came from other then from under the ocean if it came from the sky it would be more noticeable.weird how for it’s size was so silent when moving in the air a huge ember light that didn’t let u see what it was. Wish I could’ve recorded never expected it. The lady at 14:40 idk the story seem weird But then yet when u hear a story you judge everyone cause it’s hard to believe but they’re out there. Wonder if humankind will ever evolve to the point that can travel and make space ships ufo like that travel with the speed of light. Elon is on a mission to make all the wealthy ppl move to a different planet who knows what would happen and it’s interesting to watch alien shit. Area 51 is one good spot but there’s other shit out there. Good video 🛸👽

  8. Grey grey

    Grey greyPred 2 urami

    Later on alien SLthrow: *Abducting talking meat sacks*

  9. GoldenWolf248

    GoldenWolf248Pred 2 urami

    If you ever find yourself being abducted by aliens, call on the name of Jesus. Aliens flee at His name because they are actually demons!

  10. Gail Glauvitz

    Gail GlauvitzPred 3 urami

    People PLEASE listen .... These things do exist. They however, are not from another planet. They are demons, fallen angels, the ones who rebelled against God. Do not be deceived. Do not believe how certain people are spinning this. They will try to deceive the whole world. Demons people, not aliens!! Check out Tom Horn, LA Marzulli... the list goes on. Do your own research if you want the truth. Blessings.

  11. GoldenWolf248

    GoldenWolf248Pred 3 urami

    Jesus is coming back soon, friends!

  12. Eliana Hayes

    Eliana HayesPred 4 urami

    Of course they are real.Demonic, that’s what they are.

  13. Danielle Cardenas

    Danielle CardenasPred 4 urami

    I was abducted by the greys when I was 7 … that was 30 years ago

  14. Arlette Rosa

    Arlette RosaPred 4 urami

    I am more scared to go inside your house....is spooky....is really like the house of a serial something...the couch blovk a door?....wooden panels!!!!...dark and yellow....ohhhh...nooooooo....and the you...with untied appearance.......nake an horror movie instead

  15. Rob Buser

    Rob BuserPred 5 urami

    ...do not under estimate a psychosis...

  16. Michelle Webster

    Michelle WebsterPred 6 urami

    Wow!!! Well done!

  17. Michelle Webster

    Michelle WebsterPred 6 urami

    Great job!!!!!! Thank you for doing this!!! I love how genuine and heartfelt your interviews and experiences are and how you gave credibility and honor to those who were witnesses of this event.

  18. Fisher0fMen

    Fisher0fMenPred 7 urami

    Prophecy is jumping off the pages of the Bible right now. Look at the chaos and turmoil this world is in. Notice how evil is being called good and good being called evil. Or how the mark of the beast technology is making its way to the forefront through this plandemic. Soon everyone will need proof of vaccination to buy or sell. Notice how everything is headed to a one world government. The Muslims are expecting their Mahdi any moment. The Jews are expecting their messiah any moment. The Christians 🙋‍♂️ are expecting the rapture of the church any moment. These are not aliens. They are angels being cast down to the earth. Read Revelation. Read Mathew 24. Research the recent astronomical events. Blood moon tetrads. Eclipses. The revelation 12 sign. The star of Bethlehem. Search yt for rapture dreams. Thousands upon thousands pop up. Look at the earthquake and volcanic activity increasing like never before. How many coincidences must there be pointing in a single direction before its accepted as evidence? Research these things before you outright reject them. The living word of God is real and Revelation will come to pass. The only way out is through Jesus Christ. Not by being good enough. Not by religion. But by simply believing the gospel. How that Jesus Christ, the God man, 100% God, 100% man, died for your sins. He was buried, and he rose again 3 days later. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Romans 10:9‭-‬10 KJV

  19. Charles Perera

    Charles PereraPred 7 urami

    I had an experience during the second meditation retreat. I made a vow to take on what ever that is preventing those people that have difficulty connecting with energy attending the retreat. I had no clue what I was getting my self in to? So every day before and after the retreat I "Prostrated" and renewed the vow. The very first day I sat on the meditation cushion (I still can't sit properly... sigh!) and gazed in to the Medicine Buddha Statue and sat there without blinking my eyes for at least an hour or more. I did this for about three and a half days. Back to the cushion; I don't know how long it was. I stated to see like in the distance you see heat rising before you see a mirage; was happening in front of me. Then a white funnel shot out of my chest. I felt some think little jets shooting out from the complete back surface of my surface of my body. I excepted what was happening. From my peripheral vision I could see "Golden Light"! No one in the hall including the staff conducting the retreat didn't see what was happening in front of me the "Tornado extending from my chest; horizontal to the ground". A lot of people saw the golden light shooting out the back surface of my body. One of the ladies conducting the retreat walked up to me and said that something was open in my body, I forget what she said. On the fourth day two of the ladies conducting the retreat said that my eyes look "Demonic"! I told them I was siting without blinking for a long time through out the retreat from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm I was upset and angry and I broke my vow. I cold not move my shoulders by the end of the day. That night I saw in my dream but for some reason I was aware. A ware of the golden silhouette of two people. Next morning, I woke up to the sound of someone spraying something in the room I was sleeping. My cousins wife was spraying a deodorant spray. The room smelled like rotting flesh. My cousin and his wife brought the Paris Priest and had him bless the house.

  20. Burs Natch

    Burs NatchPred 7 urami

    Whats strangest to me is that 99% of these UFO sightings only happened in USA.

  21. Siddhant Kumar

    Siddhant KumarPred uro

    It’s a pop culture thing. Obama recently stated that there aren’t any aliens as such, only some “unidentified” phenomenon encountered over centuries. It’s in usa because well. Americans. Before every mass ufo sighting or an “abduction”. There is some sort of alien media like a movie etc. idk that dudes name. He was a famous guy who claimed to have been abducted. He was caught lying by the lie detector about the whole thing. People gotta make money. Some resort to all this to make their lives interesting. Does it mean aliens don’t exist? The lifespan of earth is too short with respect to the universe for their to be another intelligent life form close enough to have the tech to meet us. It’s boring. But reality is mostly plain and simple.

  22. Stephen Garcia

    Stephen GarciaPred 7 urami

    The unorthodox approach, is at times, like this the best and only option.

  23. TimTim Hawthorne

    TimTim HawthornePred 7 urami

    All you need to do to prove aliens exist is film them 😭😭😭

  24. ImaNewOrleansSaintsFan

    ImaNewOrleansSaintsFanPred 7 urami

    4.5K people’s realities were challenged by this video.

  25. Jesus is Lord

    Jesus is LordPred 8 urami

    This is an urgent message...not only warn you, but encourage you of the times we're living in. Some people don't see the news apart from FOX, CNN, CBS, ETC... (Reliable news suggestions, monkeywerx, DUTCHSINCE, & watchman on the wall88) we're living in dire times. Earthquakes are in diverse places, along with pestilence, famine, & away to be controlled. We are on the brinks of a global reset, NWO. They're not even hiding it anymore. I eagerly encourage everyone to do some due diligence in the times we're in. Seek it out, away from the paid media, with an agenda.. The church rapture is imminent; We're about to enter into the 7 years of tribulation. (Daniel 9:27, Abraham accord).. phrosey is unfolding before our eyes, as depicted many centuries ago. This isn't about politics or religion, but now is the time to get saved. There's quite a few churches/individuals make it about works, or how much you need to be righteous to be saved or maintain salvation. That's not the case. It's simple for a child to understand. And that is, if you confess with your mouth and truly believe in your heart that Jesus Christ (Son of God) died on the cross, was burried, and rose on the 3rd day, you're sealed the nano second you accept and believe that; sealed until the day of redemption. (1 Corinthians 15: 1-4) There's nothing more. No amount of works can save you. However, we are to live christ like. (That's were religion comes in. Most make it about do's & don'ts, legalism). Now onto repentance.. greek meaning for repentance in the Bible - God's word, means metanoya. Metanoya, means a change of mind. So what are you changing your mind about? Well, it's to acknowledge that we have a sin condition (All do, NO one is exempt, only Jesus) and that you can't save yourself, but Jesus can. Amen!! Put your faith and trust in him alone, not of yourself for salvation.

  26. Onionhead Overseer

    Onionhead OverseerPred 9 urami

    Empathy is not the highest form of knowledge, humility is. One can never be 100% certain of anything therefore, admitting that you will truly never know anything is the highest form of knowledge.

  27. Rod

    RodPred 10 urami

    The nearest habitable planet is so far away from us that even if aliens could find us they would still be travelling towards us and they would be looking at the earth before there were even dinosaurs.

  28. HASNAT_017

    HASNAT_017Pred 12 urami

    Hello aliens I know you guys watching this.

  29. DRONEROC128

    DRONEROC128Pred 12 urami

    Aliens will never give us information and cures to diseases if these guys keep painting their fingernails 😪😂

  30. Shubham Choudhary

    Shubham ChoudharyPred 12 urami

    actually, he was dreaming 😂

  31. Zane Yates

    Zane YatesPred 13 urami

    Hey look!!! It’s a white racist republican claiming to see something that’ll make him famous in his neighborhood and prevent people from caring about other matters in our world that are real and require more attention than bullshit they like to pretend is real so they can pretend they’re not actually big problems in the world that they can help fix. Instead we just pretend that our world is fixed to America only and that everything else is somehow meta in a way and doesn’t matter against the overall context of absolute ruin within the confines of our own government.

  32. Velroy Targaryen

    Velroy TargaryenPred 13 urami


  33. Harry Ward

    Harry WardPred 13 urami

    Aliens be watching this like: 👁👄👁shit thought we wiped this guys mind

  34. mark brown

    mark brownPred 13 urami

    wow that is really enlightening, its terrible that people were just subjected to make them seem like they need an insane asylum just because of what they saw or what they've been through

  35. Alex Lehmann

    Alex LehmannPred 13 urami

    "he has proof" ? can somebody please tell me where in the video it is. I don´t want to waste 38 minutes of my life (again)

  36. Jessica Rose Thomas

    Jessica Rose ThomasPred 14 urami

    That ladies coat is BEAUTIFUL

  37. Jessica Rose Thomas

    Jessica Rose ThomasPred 14 urami

    Aliens are real trust me I don’t want to talk about it but it’s real....

  38. Hummm What

    Hummm WhatPred 14 urami

    I have seen the ships as well I seen the disk twice I have seen the cigar very close once and the silver orbs 3 times. There is no way a human would live if they were inside a craft moving like they do. The high speed stop and direction change would kill a human. People say they were taken onboard so either they have a damping ability or they just did not fly fast. Id love to get picked up if I could opt out of the testing that is lol

  39. QueenSugil

    QueenSugilPred 15 urami

    the man saw it when he was 11. Him having seen the world, having been in the military, and having become a judge has NOTHING to do with what he experienced as an 11 yo. Fucking stupid logical lapse right there. Fucking awkward...

  40. Raphael Protti

    Raphael ProttiPred 16 urami

    What's even more mind boggling than this story to me is how people are still incredulous when hearing such stories, when there are countless such accounts from people all over the world, from all walks of life.

  41. Raphael Protti

    Raphael ProttiPred 16 urami

    There are many more of us than people know. I've heard many first hand accounts in my life from all kinds of people, and none of them ever go reported because people get instantly ridiculed.

  42. game on

    game onPred 16 urami

    15:41 those lights in the water are those just reflection?

  43. Aneurin Ellis

    Aneurin EllisPred 16 urami

    The nutty thing is these people don't even know they are the alien.... and you don't need a UFO to tell you that.

  44. Ainoha

    AinohaPred 16 urami

    Of course we are on the low stage of inner growth...we keep believing on government, on conquer the world and universe, on money sistem, on the media, on giving the power to government, big coorps, farma, billionaires, on the educational system, on piramidal social structure, on not being a soul and just be an identity, a slave , we do not respect our soul and others, not respect the planet that gives us life, we are not capable to love each other, we are all brothers and sisters.... , it's so much what humans has to change... We have been manipulated and brainwashed since we've born as our ancestors and is time to stand up, and step out of this sick man made world.

  45. Ainoha

    AinohaPred 17 urami

    I believe them as I believe near death experiencer. Guys we are not alone here and there! That's it.

  46. Zanzo 87

    Zanzo 87Pred 18 urami

    This is why i think we are an experiement the what we call aliens put us here to see what we could do and come herr to test our minds test us but not harm us and them put us back to carry on in life

  47. pablo818

    pablo818Pred 18 urami

    I like how this was put together. Thank you for making this video.

  48. Josh Cohn

    Josh CohnPred 19 urami

    document 6751 enough said. look it up.

  49. Angelo Nemo

    Angelo NemoPred 19 urami

    Message to Yes Theory Team: Please find out from Melanie if she has had a full body MRI to investigate a possible implant. Some implants have caused the electromagnetic and medical phenomena she has been experiencing.

  50. Altaer Ibn la ahad

    Altaer Ibn la ahadPred 19 urami

    The guy is Tommy Lee Jones real life

  51. ujjwal kumar

    ujjwal kumarPred 21 uro

    So Aliens too want to live the American Dream? Why aren't they spotted anywhere else? Coincidence? i think not.

  52. Chris Barker

    Chris BarkerPred 21 uro

    Great show guys and gals. I watched the whole thing on the edge of my seat. I never heard this story in my life. But the more I dig the easier it is to see we are not alone. I am not sure what their agenda is or where they are from. But I don't believe they are here to harm us. Because if they wanted to kill us all it would be a simple thing for them to do if they already mastered intersteller travel. Also since the begining of time all you hear is stories of U.F.O. encounters. To everyone who tries to debunk all of this information you have to be right 100% of the time. In order for us to know if something or someone else is out there we only need to be right once and there is all the proof you will ever need. It's impossible we are the only living life forms in the universe. The universe is to big and to old for life to only have happened once. Keep up the good work you guys.

  53. Ash Zen

    Ash ZenPred 21 uro

    on 1/9/1969 they saw aliens NOICE all jokes aside we're being too confident that we're alone in this biggggg UNIVERSE

  54. trialnterror

    trialnterrorPred 22 urami

    They are just out to have a BBQ, they could of at least left some gold for the farmers heifer!

  55. Rob Bartrum

    Rob BartrumPred 23 urami

    Title of this documentary should have been "People who have lost the plot".

  56. a a

    a aPred dnevom

    Your reaction to unsolved mysteries was so fake lmao

  57. Thanh Nga

    Thanh NgaPred dnevom

    i don't care if aliens are exist or not i just curious of what THEY WANT about humans and earth, and it's a threat for us or not

  58. Bradur

    BradurPred dnevom

    Obama saying. Cant tell you. Sorry. Means that they found stuff

  59. Jaffar Khan

    Jaffar KhanPred dnevom

    Why there were no one who took a clip on mobile, I mean almost everybody has mobiles back then right. Still suspicious.

  60. Bryan Lopez

    Bryan LopezPred dnevom

    Good job

  61. John Kim

    John KimPred dnevom

    Dude sounded like he has too many details like he making shit up. I doubt he can tell the same story exactly the same

  62. Sonu Chaudhary

    Sonu ChaudharyPred dnevom

    I'm from India and I saw something that was not a Airplane or jet or a thing that you can say it's from earth Because I saw this is different from everything I saw in movies I've a video of this thin the time I shoot this video was 6:40 pm and it was a very bright fast moving object that I captured in my fon if you want I can send you

  63. John Kim

    John KimPred dnevom

    Drugs.will cause u to hallucinate

  64. Mslilwolfz Pina

    Mslilwolfz PinaPred dnevom

    I have pictures of them same as she describes.

  65. saucegrity

    saucegrityPred dnevom


  66. Piotr Ang

    Piotr AngPred dnevom

    0:01 ... so SHAT?

  67. chelly jelly

    chelly jellyPred dnevom

    What IF all these years I thought it was the "OLD HAG" and it was an alien the whole time.

  68. Sarah S

    Sarah SPred 3 urami


  69. Greg Dowle

    Greg DowlePred dnevom

    But was there anal probing? All of the more credible UFO sightings always have anal probing.

  70. Ellen

    EllenPred dnevom

    I don’t know why we can’t just believe people who say they saw what they saw.

  71. Nicolas Robichaud

    Nicolas RobichaudPred dnevom

    this video shows actors... a whole bunch of em... this is crap.

  72. Ells 1234

    Ells 1234Pred dnevom

    I saw a ufo it was flat and had red lights

  73. j h

    j hPred dnevom

    Highly recommend the hangar files on Netflix. Hangar 1 is a facility that contains thousands of UFO files… I was mind blown

  74. David Brandenburg

    David BrandenburgPred dnevom

    you should do a story about Washington DC being invaded by UFO's in 1956!.

  75. David Brandenburg

    David BrandenburgPred dnevom

    at least Obama was honest!.

  76. Marlene Martino

    Marlene MartinoPred dnevom

    IWitnessed something years ago on a farm in Rewey Wisconsin it’s in the south west corner about 60 miles from Madison. We had a Farm and we’re raising hogs, we bred them and I took care of the sows when they were pregnant and when they gave birth I stayed with them. We had them in crates toward the end of their pregnancy to keep them comfortable and to keep the piglets safe. All the sows had given birth except my favorite , Alice. She was swollen and bloody, I knew she was going to come in soon but I had to walk back to the farm house to use the bathroom. My husband was looking out of the back door and was calling our son to see the strange lights in the sky. The lights moved quickly from one side to another ,faster then humanly Super

  77. Alex D

    Alex DPred dnevom

    I only see the proof of this man romba

  78. Nafrini Ali

    Nafrini AliPred dnevom

    Why that area

  79. Glenn Whitt

    Glenn WhittPred dnevom

    We are not alone in this world.ive seen a UFO 80 ft above my head while in my boat in the big manatee river,manatee county, Florida back in the 1990s.it hovered above my boat while I traveled to the boat ramp and until i loaded my boat and drove away,about 15 minutes.my brother and mom seen what they described as a large mother ship with 2 small escort ships in the sky above our house .it was about in 1982 in duette florida,manatee county Florida.they said it would cover about 6 acres in size. I also seen a disc with alien beings onboard above Taylor correctional institution when I was an officer. So these people are not lying in this video. We are not alone. These aliens are watching us and they hide their space crafts at night and behind clouds during the day🤔 think about it ? Aawesome video guys , thanks.

  80. GameGaMan

    GameGaManPred dnevom

    My dad and hundreds of people saw flying saucer in my hometown at Borneo in the 60's too. He say it was hovering near one of the old tall building for several seconds before flying off. Same description lots of colorful lights on it.

  81. Lucas Insanity

    Lucas InsanityPred dnevom

    Do you guys think when the golden records passes through a certain zone aliens will find it finally contact us at (2020 something)

  82. MoonCross

    MoonCrossPred dnevom

    the question is why this UFO are interested in us?

  83. Andrei Toma

    Andrei TomaPred dnevom

    I have seen during the day spheres with a surface color like creamy plastic(pastel very light brown) around 15pm ish. I didn't do anything ... just cycling and taking a break after. I was not impressed either, i knew it from somewhere (gut feeling) but the people behind me were so loud and sounded so scared it actually scared the spheres too. oh, if we look beyond what man is, we would understand that we are taking part in this mass spectrometry

  84. jamie bennett

    jamie bennettPred dnevom

    I see a A flying saucer but I was tripping out me and not at the time

  85. Jon Rodriguez

    Jon RodriguezPred dnevom

    this video was pure excellence

  86. Itumeleng Kgosoane

    Itumeleng KgosoanePred dnevom

    Are there any UFO sightings anywhere else in the world besides the US?

  87. Katara Rose

    Katara RosePred dnevom

    I believe and I've believed for years. I dont care what other people think. I know what's true to me. We, as a whole, are very small minded, governed by false belief systems considering the vastness of the Universe. Haven't you noticed that just about everything that we once believed has been disproved? The impossible seems that way until it's not. It's a wake up call.


    KHAANZORPred dnevom

    But have you ever wonder why mostly and almost every time that UFOs have been seen by people in AMERICA not at any other countries. Keep in mind how big is Russia and there are no evidences from that country. Imagine how many people live in China which is by far one of the largest countries in the world next to India and populated insanely.. How come we do not get reports from these countries? Why it always has to be video from USA and not from some of these countries. I mean, you will find if you dig, but 90% of videos, people who saw or had some kind of encounters are from freaking USA. I start to think this all is just one fuckin stage to take money from people who tend to believe in something that they have never seen in their life just because of the fact there are other planets and it is selfish to think that we are alone. I know i know... i am also kinda like this, but why always USA. It seems Aliens discovered only that continent...


    CECILIA LUGOPred dnevom


  90. C. B.

    C. B.Pred dnevom

    Funny to watch this After the Events of the last weeks:D

  91. Alex Duper

    Alex DuperPred 9 urami

    @C. B. Any links? :D

  92. C. B.

    C. B.Pred 23 urami

    @Alex Duper i ment this thing at San Diego …. I saw this on Fox news about a week ago… ist felt like a new thing :D did. Not know there was more

  93. Alex Duper

    Alex DuperPred dnevom

    @C. B. You mean the Nimitz video? it's been confirmed by the pentagon for almost a year and half now

  94. C. B.

    C. B.Pred dnevom

    @Alex Duper I mean the fact that the us government commited that the material they showed the public was real and more and more people get to share their expiriences :p

  95. Alex Duper

    Alex DuperPred dnevom

    what events? lol

  96. ItzWilliamDK

    ItzWilliamDKPred dnevom

    the 20 dec i was home gaming on my pc and my setup in at my window then i looked out of it and saw something coming from the sky i live in copenhagen but like it came burning from the sky no blue light or anything just a burning big thing coming down waited some days to see on the news but nothing came up if a rock came down or anything but like idk what it was

  97. eddie brown

    eddie brownPred dnevom

    Sky 😍😍😍

  98. First name last name

    First name last namePred dnevom

    2:32 nice

  99. Joey Ganchuk

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    This is the most out of pocket video ever to show up in my recommended lmao😂

  100. gregory lincoln

    gregory lincolnPred dnevom

    The Aliens are supplying the Afghanistan Taliban with supper powers to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound bend metal with their bear hands and to stop a bullet with 🐻 their bear. hands.LOOK, It's a bird, it's Plane NO no no no no no it's the Taliban....

  101. ten4

    ten4Pred 7 minutami

    Sounds about right

  102. Jennie W.

    Jennie W.Pred dnevom

    I believe I had a close encounter with the (4 th or 5th) kind. Not sure which class it falls in but I really have no way to prove the validity of my story and really have no reason to make it up. All I can say is it actually happened . So..I was a Vietnamese refugee, escaped my country in search of political freedom and opportunity for a better life. My family and many other Vietnamese found our way to the refugee camp of small Malaysian island in 1979. We were there for a few months. My encounter happened one night as I stepped outside our hut, to go use the public restroom but it would require me to walk quite a distance in complete darkness . Instead, I normally, walk to shore and pee in the sand there because it’s just right there. But that night as I stepped foot into the sand and turned to my left to look at the corner of house, I spotted 3 beings glowing in yellow light, maybe 15 feet away from me. At that moment, I believe it was by chance that we ran into each other; I was so frightened of what I saw that I stood frozen and to my surprise, they stood there gazing back at me for maybe 6 to 8 seconds, and then ran back in the direction they came from and disappeared at the corner of hut. I ran back inside my house and woke my younger brother up but he didn’t understand and went back to sleep. I told my auntie the next day but she dismissed as a dream. So I didn’t tell anyone else out of fear it will come back to haunt me. You see at the time I was just a 6 year old child and no one would believe me. It wasn’t until I came to the United States that I told my mom because being so far away from Malaysia I felt safe. I described to my mom a ghost that glowed in the dark with almond shaped eyes, a big head and slender body. My mom immediately believed my account of story because on the island she heard numerous ppl saw glowing ghosts at night high up on the mountains. As I grew older around the age of 8, I started experiencing sleep paralysis 3 to 4 times a week; these episodes were terrifying because sometimes I’m in complete darkness surrounded by ppl I can only see half way down, poking and prodding at my body. My mom took me to the doc but they don’t know what’s wrong with me. It didn’t dawned on me that what I may have experienced was a close encounter with extraterrestrials, until I was in my teens, learning about it the 1st time. Then coming across a newspaper article about sleep paralysis. It was such a relief to know I wasn’t alone and I don’t have neurological sleep disorder. The episodes continued up to my college years. I still have sleep paralysis but frequency has lessened to 1 episode every few years. As you’re reading this, some of you will question the validity of my story and I don’t expect you to believe me. I saw something briefly, something so close to me bearing very similar resemblance the many depicts as an alien. All I can say is my experience was real not a dream and I do believe aliens exist and lives among us. Thank you if you read it to the end.

  103. Bosco Bartelis

    Bosco BartelisPred dnevom

    When people except there are other beings from space they’ll realize the existence of god is false…

  104. Bosco Bartelis

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    @Linda Minaga 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  105. Linda Minaga

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    Not in the least. God created earth and Stars. Aliens have their own space. If WE can venture to outer space for curiosity so why can't they.

  106. That Cleanup Guy

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    anyone else lowkey don't believe them lmao

  107. Blackshirt- D

    Blackshirt- DPred dnevom

    If they’re excited about just this experience alone, wait till they start digging thru others stories throughout the states. I’ve read, watched, searched about numerous experiences just like this, some you wouldn’t believe, some that’ll make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

  108. Adele Hill

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    I'm still not convinced !!!

  109. Serghei Maloruc

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