Exploring Dubai’s Empty $13 Billion Man-Made Islands

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The World Islands. A collection of 300 man-made islands built off the coast of Dubai to resemble an outline of the EARTH FROM THE SKY… Yet, after $13 billion was spent to complete them they’ve mostly been sitting there empty... I couldn’t believe this place actually existed.

So as a first stop on my trip I flew to Dubai to understand what happened and what their future holds… What are your thoughts? Amazing or too crazy of an idea?

Thank you to @MyDubai and @VisitDubai for helping us get in touch with the creators of these islands and for letting us go out to see the restricted areas.

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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer and Thomas Dajer
Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry, Tristan Kevitch and Thomas Brag
Produced by Alex Sandstedt

Thank you to our amazing videographers that helped me shoot over the 2 separate trips we took!

Cory Martin on videography and drone: cory.s.martin
Bishoy on Drone: bikooig
Ali Amar on videography: r1se

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  1. Yes Theory

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    Hey there, thank you for watching :) I've really missed making videos consistently so I'm very happy to be back. I'm sure this year has had so many ups and downs for all of you as well so I hope to share some positivity through these stories I've captured. This is the first one out of my trip and I've got plenty more coming your way. Let me know what you think in the comments and I'll see you again soon

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    the ruler of dubai imprisoned his daughters princess latifah and shamsy, shamsy wanted to go to college and latifah wanted to be skydiving instructor. UN has asked for proof of life, they are presumed dead. also princess haya escaped with her 2 children. human rights disaster, stay away

  5. Marion Dennis

    Marion DennisPred 2 meseci

    Thank for sharing your experiences with us. It is something I could only dream of doing. Love it.

  6. Shawn Hasty

    Shawn HastyPred 2 meseci

    Guys, I just watched Seaspiracy on Netflix, It was very disturbing what is going on in our oceans I think it would be very helpful if you guys could get on the ship that stops illegal fishing and do a follow up story on their progress. If over fishing continues it will be the end of us all. You all are great keep doing what you're doing thank you

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    holly momma , i just discovered this channel , smooth !

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    lol, sorry had to stop you there. are you actually starting to talk about how environmentally conscious you guys are after flying with a plane around half the globe

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    bro u got to met the developer of the Dubai's Island did u realize that?? lol great video man

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    Wow that was a awesome video and and awesome and beautiful place. You are so lucky to be there.

  21. J Leigh

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    Personally, I'll never support Dubai. It's a vile country in terms of its laws and how it outcasts people, However, physically, so beautiful to look at. Enjoyed that

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    This looks so beautiful. Are Jewish people and gays allowed? If a women rents, does she have to behave virginal? Just curious who can rent these

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