I Jumped the World’s Most Extreme Skydive (Near Death Experience)

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  1. Yes Theory

    Yes TheoryPred 2 meseci

    This took years for Ammar to plan... Such a delicate yet challenging jump, watch all the way to the end to see how he pulls it off... To celebrate, we created a collection called “Moonshot” on Seek Discomfort for the dreams so big they scare you just thinking about them... See the collection here: www.seekdiscomfort.com

  2. Mohammed Aliyu

    Mohammed AliyuPred 12 urami

    Can’t believe I cried after watching this

  3. pugsly810

    pugsly810Pred 4 dnevi

    you need to find your old teacher dead or alive and show him what you've become

  4. Farhaan Khan

    Farhaan KhanPred 5 dnevi

    Hey Ammar,Assalamualaikum.I first of all want to congratulate you for successfully doing a skydive jump from 25000 feet.I did my tandem jump from 16500 feet and I felt it was scary.You had asked all the viewers what will be our dream to take to new heights.Well my answer is firstly take my parents for Hajj and after that,it will be to do a solo dive(Scuba Dive)in the blue hole.May Allah bless you and may he keep giving you success at all stages.All the best brother.😎😎😎😎🤘🤘🤘🤘

  5. santhose Kumar

    santhose KumarPred 26 dnevi

    my yes theory to make you to come South India 🇮🇳🇮🇳 you will have great memories.

  6. SniffingDogArt Official

    SniffingDogArt OfficialPred 28 dnevi

    @samuiii Ahahah! Yes bro!

  7. Jill Sessa

    Jill SessaPred 2 urami

    Ammar, this entire video is a masterpiece. The storytelling coupled with achieving a lifelong dream in spectacular fashion is an absolute triumph. My eyes are for sure leaking!

  8. Rachel Pharand

    Rachel PharandPred 8 urami

    i have always had a passion to chase adventure like this. it has always been a dream of mine to go skydiving and you inspire so many of us everyday! thank you for all you do

  9. Lola Wais

    Lola WaisPred 9 urami

    My dream is to travel all of the world to ride my bike

  10. Murray Wais

    Murray WaisPred 9 urami

    Write of a book or true stories

  11. ABSORBED _Killz

    ABSORBED _KillzPred 10 urami

    Watching ur vids just makes me jealous I I I could have friends like that

  12. Keith Carter

    Keith CarterPred 11 urami

    The quirky ronald thankfully trap because apparatus provisionally examine vice a actually haircut. chubby, blue-eyed toe

  13. Johnnie Morales

    Johnnie MoralesPred 17 urami

    To be in the 2025 MLB Draft

  14. Banana Cheese

    Banana CheesePred 17 urami

    The resolute plywood preliminarily appear because care consistently educate by a necessary sofa. weak, steep thing

  15. Tim Hennig

    Tim HennigPred 19 urami

    This guy just has balls of steel. I am not even brave enough to get on a free fall tower in an amusement park. Good on ya that you followed your dream through 👍😊

  16. Karen Alejandra

    Karen AlejandraPred 21 uro

    27:24 cameraman is underrated for jumping too

  17. Maximilian

    MaximilianPred dnevom

    The final jump gave me goosebumps

  18. Caleb Fowler

    Caleb FowlerPred dnevom

    the camera man though

  19. Zechariah Walker

    Zechariah WalkerPred dnevom

    Truly beautiful too watch and even more to experience I’m sure. In tears from joy and the message sent throughout the entire video was spot received spot on.

  20. Jack Williams

    Jack WilliamsPred dnevom

    This is truly awesome

  21. James lee Buenaventura

    James lee BuenaventuraPred dnevom

    Naiyak ako dito

  22. DNC

    DNCPred dnevom

    I have so many encounter emotions, this really touch me, I have to take a time for think about my life.

  23. Kels B

    Kels BPred dnevom

    Great story! Thanks for sharing

  24. Tim Michael

    Tim MichaelPred dnevom

    holy shit.

  25. Iss Obama

    Iss ObamaPred dnevom

    The tired lan micrencephaly fear because fridge substantively shop times a military watch. tan, poor distributor

  26. Brenda Tagadtad

    Brenda TagadtadPred dnevom

    Kudos to you Ammar👍👍👍 my heart pounding like crazy watching this video 👏👏👏 Proud of you🥰🥰🥰from Toronto

  27. Rishabh Kumar Singh

    Rishabh Kumar SinghPred dnevom

    I am suffering from severe anxiety, fear, stress and after seeing this I am Relaxed love you guys!!!

  28. Adrian Tydelidom

    Adrian TydelidomPred dnevom

    mine is skydive. i have always told my mom that my dream is skydiving and all that stuff but my mom wont let me. but i still have a dream that i can chase

  29. Noor Aqmal

    Noor AqmalPred dnevom

    This makes me tear up, 3 years ago when I was 18, I watched one of your videos of the Helibungee with bungee and that inspires me do a bungee jump and eventually I did on my birthday in august 2018. I've always been afraid of heights and ever since then Im starting to have interest in it and I thought that would be enough. After watching this video, I would love to skydive one day, insya allah with good health and wealth one day. Thanks ammar for inspiring me and ofcourse YesTheory too! Jazakkallahu khair

  30. ALY

    ALYPred dnevom

    I almost cried. Great video

  31. Celine

    CelinePred 2 dnevi

    I’ve always wanted to try skydiving and you guys are definitely so inspiring! Loved the video

  32. Just Jake

    Just JakePred 2 dnevi

    Always wanted to be a musician. That was insane dude. No words, that's so out of this world compared to my lifestyle. Wow.

  33. Kenth Yee

    Kenth YeePred 2 dnevi

    I just missed him with the boys

  34. Simone

    SimonePred 2 dnevi

    HALO JUMP: Call of Duty immediately came to mind lol Battle Royal

  35. Thomas LOL

    Thomas LOLPred 2 dnevi

    "What do I do with all these cups?" "Eat them." - Yes Theory Most inspirational quote ever

  36. Sonu baabu

    Sonu baabuPred 2 dnevi

    Amazing buddy mindblowing chill

  37. YoDaToAd99

    YoDaToAd99Pred 2 dnevi

    why does merch say seek discomfort?

  38. Exostatic

    ExostaticPred 2 dnevi

    Amazing video and I love it so much but not the most extreme, most extreme is from the atmosphere near outer space

  39. Xen RSJ

    Xen RSJPred 2 dnevi

    This had been so nice to watch. And to answer the question, live. It's to live

  40. Ajoy Singh

    Ajoy SinghPred 2 dnevi

    Wow……….. no words to express …..

  41. poksudi cijinpog

    poksudi cijinpogPred 2 dnevi

    The quirky softdrink morphologically wreck because word atypically promise plus a inexpensive kamikaze. halting, clammy sea

  42. Paige Ramsey

    Paige RamseyPred 2 dnevi

    My dream is to take my small business that has years of ideas and planning (but also people telling me it's not enough) to the highest level I can. I finally launched and I am pouring myself into making it something that CAN be taken to the next level. I cant wait to see where it goes. Keep inspiring us to do more!

  43. Ryan Hickey

    Ryan HickeyPred 2 dnevi

    i want to do skydiving but im scared of falling that fast

  44. Aswin Sivasubramaniam

    Aswin SivasubramaniamPred 2 dnevi

    One of the biggest dreams in my life is to fly in the sky that will help me experience each and every single min of freedom and power that we recieve at the moment we come out of fear and seeks discomfort. It will be a dream come true moment if I could get a chance to skydive especially with you guys who are constantly manifesting all of your dreams as day passes. It will be the greatest day if I can sky dive and win over my childhood dreams. #SeekDiscomfort#Dreams #YesTheory#SkyDive

  45. Teddy 5K

    Teddy 5KPred 3 dnevi

    Mate, I would really love to jump with you here in Prague!

  46. Jake allen

    Jake allenPred 3 dnevi

    you guys live my dream life! One day I’d love to do some of the crazy stuff you get up to

  47. naemnik naemnikc

    naemnik naemnikcPred 3 dnevi

    I am Russian man, who just search up some Americans blogers for leaning English, learning pronunciation different people. And I figured out the video like that could be interesting without full understanding language. The ambiance in this video is transmit well

  48. Ana Rodriguez 0324

    Ana Rodriguez 0324Pred 3 dnevi

    Just wowwwwww!!!!!!

  49. Tiara Ebensteiner

    Tiara EbensteinerPred 3 dnevi

    this made me soooo emotional i’m so proud of you ammar

  50. Illusions

    IllusionsPred 3 dnevi

    30:01 ;)

  51. BoomerBird

    BoomerBirdPred 3 dnevi

    I am going to skydive one day, the ultimate thrill. I'm still looking and trying to get to the next biggest roller coaster near me.

  52. Molly Keith

    Molly KeithPred 3 dnevi

    The camera man

  53. Jannetzy Cabrera

    Jannetzy CabreraPred 3 dnevi


  54. ޓކހރ-ލއއބޚ

    ޓކހރ-ލއއބޚPred 3 dnevi

    I haven't watched your videos in quite a few months, I'm sorry about your accident and I'm surprised at the lack of presence of your other yes theory brothers throughout all of this. Did I miss something? Did you guys all drift apart?

  55. Qiyam Ansari

    Qiyam AnsariPred 3 dnevi

    Shout out to the 🎥 man 😱

  56. Ali y

    Ali yPred 3 dnevi

    Seek discomfort

  57. Mason 9180

    Mason 9180Pred 3 dnevi

    Like how the camera man just casually jumping as well

  58. Dexter

    DexterPred 3 dnevi

    Literally Goosebumps watching this!

  59. Fluffy Duck

    Fluffy DuckPred 3 dnevi

    awesome video! I just uploaded my skydiving edit of me front flipping out of a plane at 15,00ft. Any views, likes feedback comments would be very much appreciated! God bless any good souls out here

  60. Rambo __

    Rambo __Pred 3 dnevi

    Bro please do WIm Hof Breathwork to bring your nervous system within your control :)

  61. Noah Kaufman

    Noah KaufmanPred 4 dnevi

    His teacher would be proud

  62. zynot

    zynotPred 4 dnevi

    i want to go to mars

  63. Saksham Baliyan

    Saksham BaliyanPred 4 dnevi

    Inspirational AF!!!

  64. outlaw will

    outlaw willPred 4 dnevi

    ive always wanted to sky dive. and then i can bring chocolate and throw it over a city

  65. Xavier Potter

    Xavier PotterPred 4 dnevi

    My whole life I’ve wanted to skydive (still only 17 btw) and recently for my Dads 50th I bought him my sister and I tickets to go skydiving!! I’m so exited to see what it’s like 🤙

  66. Jay the king of science Skawronik

    Jay the king of science SkawronikPred 4 dnevi

    Away video my question is how high did you jump...

  67. cody hernandez

    cody hernandezPred 4 dnevi

    dude i wept during this video. All i want to do is learn to how to skydive now. I think it could cure my ptsd. Thank you so much

  68. IvikRBLX Josefsen

    IvikRBLX JosefsenPred 4 dnevi

    Halo jump?

  69. Vovve

    VovvePred 4 dnevi

    So glad for Ammar, he made it he actually made his wish! I am so glad that I am actually grasping for air while tears run down my cheeks. Yes Theory you guys are the best hands down!


    HELLO DEARPred 4 dnevi

    The obsolete train successively jog because thunder briefly trick down a inexpensive pear. alike, mysterious buffet

  71. Matty Ice

    Matty IcePred 4 dnevi

    You guys are going to win awards with your productions one day. Glad we're here for the journey

  72. Robert Hix

    Robert HixPred 4 dnevi

    This was awesome. This makes me want to go after my dream of doing the Baja 500

  73. Martim Pascoal

    Martim PascoalPred 4 dnevi

    What shoes is Ammar wearing though? They look flyyyyyyy!

  74. Shaandeep Singh

    Shaandeep SinghPred 4 dnevi

    those Nike shoes look sick, what are they called?

  75. Will John

    Will JohnPred 4 dnevi

    Had a little cry watching thiis... I will experience something such as this one day. Awe-inspiring!

  76. Deege

    DeegePred 5 dnevi

    It looked so cute when they were looking at each other during the fall lol

  77. Bin Nin

    Bin NinPred 3 dnevi

    @Deege you are FURRY it a joke dont ok?

  78. Deege

    DeegePred 3 dnevi

    @Bin Nin ???

  79. Bin Nin

    Bin NinPred 3 dnevi


  80. baltimorehero2010

    baltimorehero2010Pred 5 dnevi

    6:28 sandy shores?

  81. Zuerks Leprechaun

    Zuerks LeprechaunPred 5 dnevi

    Lake Elsinore is where I was born and raised

  82. n j

    n jPred 5 dnevi

    Pause at 32:56. Who’s says the sun doesn’t shine.........

  83. Scott Secor

    Scott SecorPred 5 dnevi

    Pure Tranquility!

  84. frinema

    frinemaPred 5 dnevi

    I like how he prayed with his friends. Despite the fact that the friends don't understand a lot being said, they supported him.

  85. Christy Black

    Christy BlackPred 5 dnevi

    The piquant tortellini differently clear because queen ethically coil between a industrious pajama. political, panicky michelle

  86. Scott Secor

    Scott SecorPred 5 dnevi

    Nothing ventured... Nothing gained...

  87. Iñaki Silva

    Iñaki SilvaPred 5 dnevi

    Whenever I watch this videos I wonder if I’m living my life wrong, but also I feel so motivated and inspired

  88. Dj Bernzott

    Dj BernzottPred 5 dnevi

    Kinda overselling the car accident a bit

  89. Smiley

    SmileyPred 5 dnevi

    Props to the camera man

  90. jyunte

    jyuntePred 5 dnevi

    Someone needs to check the term "terminal velocity". They wouldn't get anywhere near 300mph. Head-down, stable free-fall terminal velocity is between 150 and 180mph. I think someone got their units of measure wrong - 180mph is 290 kilometers per hour - and everyone else just kept repeating the wrong information... Including people posting here!

  91. Aaron R

    Aaron RPred 5 dnevi

    Thank you. Having my solo backpacking trip around Europe canceled 2 weeks in due to COVID, I can watch these videos to regain my dreams and look forward to seeking discomfort. Truly thank you

  92. elturnt

    elturntPred 5 dnevi

    Hi guys, I'm an aspiring filmmaker from Singapore who decided to leave my home country to pursue a career in the UK. However, things hasn't been easy. I left my home country alone a year ago with no advice and not knowing anyone in the UK. I'm about to move over to London and hopefully start my life from zero there and it's intimidating as hell. But every time I feel like my dream isn't worth it, I watch one of Yes Theory's videos and for some reason, it kept the fire alive. Their message to seek discomfort and to pursue my dream has resonated so deeply within me and even if I fail one day, I know that I tried my best.

  93. Ioa 101

    Ioa 101Pred 5 dnevi

    My dream is to live a life of amazing experiences that everytime make me realise how beautiful the world we live is in and I want to share that feeling with as many living beings as I can :P

  94. Tilde Weckfors

    Tilde WeckforsPred 5 dnevi

    Wow, i have no words just wow

  95. Joseph Connor

    Joseph ConnorPred 5 dnevi

    29:00 Why am I crying, amazing!

  96. Shyamal 05

    Shyamal 05Pred 5 dnevi

    can u do one on sri lanka plzzz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  97. Umberto maresca

    Umberto marescaPred 5 dnevi

    why I've got emotional!...of course?!...beyond amazing...thanks so very much much love from Italy

  98. Shyamal 05

    Shyamal 05Pred 5 dnevi

    can u do one on sri lanka plzzz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  99. Ninoel

    NinoelPred 5 dnevi

    Das nennt man also Abenteuer.

  100. Nikki Mandlis

    Nikki MandlisPred 5 dnevi

    Okay don’t enter me in the dive thing cause I would probably have a heart attack before the plane even took off, BUT. My biggest dream (of many) is to become the first Canadian female licensed Top Fuel dragster pilot. It’s been one of my biggest dreams since I was a kid, and my dad was always the one hyping me up, and inspiring me. I lost him very suddenly 7 years ago when I was 14, and I haven’t been able to get back in the drivers seat of a race car since, due to financial problems. I’m gonna work my ass off over the next however long it takes to make that dream a reality, and make my father damn proud. I’ll even have his name on my car, along with a special decal with a picture of him. And if I’m too late to become the first Canadian female, I’ll just strive to become the best female in the sport.

  101. Brittany Wilson

    Brittany WilsonPred 5 dnevi

    My biggest dream is to be on the TV show The Challenge. Sky diving looks terrifying - and trilling.

  102. jason

    jasonPred 5 dnevi

    i was curious to see how fast he went and they said 5 miles in a minute 30 which equals about 195 mph

  103. Nikki Mandlis

    Nikki MandlisPred 5 dnevi

    So mathematically speaking, if it was 1.5 minutes traveling 5 miles at a 100% consistent speed, yes, it’d be closer to 195. But once you take into account all the other factors involved, that equation no longer works. The only way you know for sure how fast they are going is with sensors.

  104. Nikki Mandlis

    Nikki MandlisPred 5 dnevi

    That’s from point a to point b. You need to account for the time it takes to accelerate to approximately 300 mph, along with the safe deceleration upon landing. It’s not like a top fuel dragster where it’s 0-330 in less than 4 seconds, and 330-10 in even less time, or a plane landing and having wheels, brakes, and flaps to help slow the aircraft down. It’s literally just the human body and a parachute. So deceleration time is much greater than that of a vehicle/aircraft. They would only hit that 300 for a few seconds before having to start slowing down.

  105. Raik

    RaikPred 6 dnevi

    Had a tear in my eye🤧 i want to skydive now🥵

  106. Charleen's journey

    Charleen's journeyPred 6 dnevi

    Hey!! Random question, BUT is anyone getting married this summer.. and maybe wants to invite me and my husband? 😅 We created a summer bucket list, and one of the things on there is going to a strangers wedding, and it’s way harder to actually do that than you would think! Message me on Instagram: Charleen_till (We are located in MD but happy to travel anywhere within the US! We are also both fully vaccinated!)

  107. Tracy McCain

    Tracy McCainPred 6 dnevi

    All I can say is “EPIC”!!!!💖👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  108. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa ZoroPred 6 dnevi

    Congratulations bro Ammar! What an amazing milestone. And how amazing that you survived...from the war inside yourself “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”- Buddha My dream is to conquer my own mind to the level of a Buddha I can’t see any reason why one can dislike this video.. we can only wish these envious souls well:)



    my dream is to help save the rivers in chicago by implementing floating islands into the ecosystem of them and help save our dying planet

  110. JoeTheAviator

    JoeTheAviatorPred 6 dnevi

    sooooooo amazing 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰