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  1. Moozaman 1

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    The moment where you typed out seek discomfort and was pulled out of the canyon I no joke got the chills, such a powerful story and such good story telling!

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    just wow

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    Guys - I followed your story and channel ever since I saw that video of you in the subway with the signs. Glad to be able to witness Yes Theory - look how far you have come.

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    I wish that was longer, it made me smile to no end. Loved that!!! 😊😊😊


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    You see i feel stuck. my parents have bought me up in a way that convinces me to think that acting sad and depressed in front of people is not right and expressing emotion about yourself and to let something out isn't the right thing to do and that im seeking sympathy that i shouldn't be. and so i struggle with overcoming curtain mental struggles because of this. anyone who happens to read this, just know that what you teach a child when their young, is how their going to see and pursue the world when their older. and if you teach them that showing and expressing emotion is bad, then they will struggle with mental health and most likely anxiety and depression. for their own sake, i dont want parents bringing up their kids the way mine did. i wasn't treated badly or disrespected to and by my parents, but they never thought that depression wasnt real and that the people with depression and anxiety need to suck it up and deal with it which now as im older have realized that its not the right thing to do. now because of my parents muck up when i was a child. i now struggle with expressing curtain emotions that some would call looking for sympathy when really im just looking for love and support because i didn't have it when i was younger. its a difficult thing to try and describe but ive tried my best to in this short paragraph.

  9. KeenanLucian

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    This is so inspiring Ammar!

  10. Claudia Frasca-Jones

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    Telling our stories is one of the most powerful and vulnerable things we can do for each other.

  11. Anuroop Gambhir

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    Damn, this gave me chills

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    Damn. Someone's invisible friend in the sky is more important to them than their own child. Religion is pretty fucked up.

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    true. fanatism and not adapting to change is what's wrong. religion itself teaches how to be good humans, but well it's often misused by humans because, well we are dumb lol

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    just thanks that's thanks

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    I am 2 minutes in and this is amazing

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    This is something that hits different.

  17. Asma Alami

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    Why I just descaverd this channel !! What an amazing content!

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    Wow just wow ❤️

  19. gabriel faro

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    Hero bro, thats what u are, and heros are examples of how people.should be.

  20. Himanshu taylor

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    Hey Bro I am fully MOTIVATED.

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    This video is insane!

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  24. Hannah

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    i have no idea why i'm crying. coming from an ethnic family myself I have struggled to fulfil my dreams often feeling like a disappointment if I don't do what my parent's want. I'm in third year of university and deeply struggling. I left the city I was born and attend uni in a few months ago. my parent's still don't know. I'm still lost but free. YesTheory you have no idea how much you inspire and resonated with people from all walks of life. thank you.

  25. Christopher Kohut

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    I am literally crying of the thought of meeting Ammar, maybe one day 😭 this is so inspiring. I don't comprehend how I've never known about seek discomfort, or yes theory, untill just now 2021. You people have built an empire. Im lost for words right now. My dream is to meet you beautiful people one day, hopefully when I'm in a better place. Untill then I will seek Discomfort on my journey, your message will reach every corner of this world ❤ love from Canada. Ammar your words are so fucking beautiful. 😯 Everything you guys stand for. Funny thing too, I've allways been so fascinated with Egypt, ever since I was little. Allways wanted to go, Yet here I sit 29 years old. In wonder and awe, yet I've never done any research or hardly know anything about Egypt. You have opend my eyes to the endless posibilities. Thank you ❤

  26. Christopher Kohut

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    You guys need more Hoodies. I want one so bad right now 😫 its not even a want, its a need at this point 😭❤ (edit) I didn't realize you had the option to change the color, thought everything was sold out.😂😂 now I just hope it ships to Canada and is here before we have to be out of, the place we currently live in. ✌

  27. Deenu

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    I don’t comment on videos much, but as someone who is dealing with very similar problems with my mom while I am graduating college and going into what I am passionate about... this film is beautiful. Pure gold. Very inspiring👌🏾🥲❤️

  28. Tony Castro

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    My goal is to complete a full IRONMAN event this year at 62 years old, but unfortunately I have two Titanium knees, it’s never been done before and I will be the first, I’m signed up for the 2021 California inaugural Sacramento IRONMAN Oct 24th, can you help make my dream come true?

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    thank you.

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  31. Zuko Fire lord

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    I only stumbled upon Yes Theory recently, and as a sixteen year old lgbtq+ american kid, who wants to change the world and help people love each other and do amazing things with their lives, and with my own goals, thank you. This is truly beautiful, and as much negativity, sadness, anger, etc. that i am subjected to on the internet and social media every day, this is a breath of fresh air. i love the outlook of this channel. This has very quickly become one of my favorite channels. Im only sad i cant film with you guys! I would really love to help people, to inspire others to embrace love. And your story with your family and the Egyptian government is also extremely inspiring to me, because i am FAR from a reality like that... yet seeing you all make change in your way of life and bring light to helping others and making a better future gives me inspiration and hope out of my depression and panic attacks in quarantine that i CAN change the future for the better, i CAN help people, and that i need to not be afraid to go outside of the box a little, to do that. I need to seek discomfort. So, from a random 16 year old marylander lol, thank you so so so much. You are amazing, i dont know what i would do right now without you all.

  32. Joyce Gorter

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    Hey ammar, I've been diving into your beautiful videos here and this beautiful film has me very emotional. You're very inspiring, and I'm glad you've found amazing people along this wild ride

  33. Richard Beheler

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    11:40 I'm not crying, you're crying!

  34. Senad Ćeman

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    So Ammars birthday was yesterday :)

  35. Humble Person

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    Great cinematography

  36. Roman Dingfelder

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    I started to cry at 12:03

  37. DieDannuss

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    Thank you!

  38. Scotty H

    Scotty HPred mesecem

    Oh my! This was something so amazingly special to watch. Ammar, your story and story telling was just so utterly captivating. It had me reflecting on my own achievements and the long list of things I wanted to achieve growing up. Well done on making us all feel the feels and quietly kicking us all in the butt to be seeking so much more for our own selves. Bravo! I guess that’s now my challenge to go seek some discomfort of my own ❤️

  39. Jarille Mae Ines

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    It's been 6monthd and i still keep watching this. I love you ammar! Im crying 😭

  40. Adele Crosss

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    This is so amazing, it really touched me. I feel like I'm changing my opinion About my life right now.

  41. Kiki Boon

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    ily Ammar, you are amazing

  42. Fakhre Alam Taj

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    Ammar Kandil is such a humble guy and has gone through really tough times and that makes him the man he is today. We love you Ammar and the Yes Theory. Thank you so much, you guys are just wonderful. Lots of love 💕

  43. LazyTime

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    This is live changing, thank you so so so so much for beeing free and inspiring all of us watching! :D

  44. smitrajsinh sarvaiya

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    why is this video so underrated ?

  45. Nicole Gruszczynski

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    I cant even imagine how you felt when the person who inspires you most wanted you to stop doing what you love most. And to stop living your dream. You are so lucky to have such a loving group of friends that support you

  46. Eloise Noreen Diaz

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    I love this!!

  47. Panzer Ace89

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    Why would you turn the story of your life into a google add? Smh lmao

  48. Priyal Jain

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    When they typed "I want to seek discomfort".... Fucking broke into tears This video is MASTERPIECE by yes theory and deserves millions of views

  49. ThaOg Bean

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    wow. just wow.

  50. Abe Flint

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    Wow! Yes theory!!! Deer Amar, after following you guys for sometime you guys really bring a smile to my face every time I watch you guys. After such a docu i couldn’t imagine that you where going through what so many others are going through. You guys are the best!

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  52. ula b

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    I’ve never felt this immersed in a document. The editing, the story were fantastic!!! Thank you for those 20 minutes ❤️❤️❤️

  53. Sharon Varghese

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    Just... beautiful

  54. Staying In Your Own Lane

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    This was truly an honor to watch, I'm so moved by you and your story 🙏🏻 much love from Australia

  55. Koalaman Joe

    Koalaman JoePred 2 meseci

    I felt like I was looking in a mirror watching this having also grown up with an Arab father with the exact same mentality as yours Ammar. This gives me so much hope to strive towards that which is most important to me, even in the face of his disagreement, because if you could do it, then me and anyone else in the same boat definitely can as well. Keep this up, this movement you have started is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story.

  56. Life of Main

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    Meanwhile google algorithm: Hm let’s see what we got here... excellent storytelling, no fake emotions on thumbnail, video inserts of conflict... think we should down rank this... alot.

  57. Dezzatube

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    I just watched Ammar’s video about his fathers letter on his birthday. You got me Ammar, I only just discovered YES theory just now. Thank you for sticking around, I hope everything has gone well for you. You’ve inspired me and I’m now going to have to watch all of your videos

  58. Amélie Arranz

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    thank you for sharing your story

  59. Owes tayyeb

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    Sso much love 💕

  60. Dok2.3

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    How is the computer screen in the intro on when the CPU socket was empty. 1/10 totally un-realistic. F to pay respect to your animator's career

  61. Dr. Ohana Hean

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    Thank you for the inspiration and your life story moved my heart so much !!! We all love you Ammar. Do your best and be proud!!!

  62. Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water

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    Youre so inspiring!

  63. Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water

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  64. Adam Lewis Butterworth

    Adam Lewis ButterworthPred 2 meseci

    Ammars destination is so much bigger than the journey... when you’re changing and challenging people’s perceptions of what is achievable with love over fear or seeking continues discomfort many will not understand however, many will... and that’s when a SLthrow channel becomes a movement! Yes Theory keep up the amazing positivity and continue to grow a community of world changers and not just subscribes.

  65. Playmo 02

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    How have only less than 1/7 subscribers watched this?

  66. Anna Bardon

    Anna BardonPred 2 meseci

    On your bucket list it says... build a city...Do you have to construct a city? What about buying up those castles that are abandoned that Thomas went to see? I bet they are going cheap...

  67. Anna Bardon

    Anna BardonPred 2 meseci

    What about we all write letters to Ammar Kandil's dad telling him about how Ammar and Yes theory have changed our lives for the better and beg him to go to pilgrimage with Ammar? I for one have been so inspired by watching yes theory videos... to recover well from covid... wim hoff breathing excercises from their video with the iceman, run a race... from matts video of marathon with yes theory etc etc.... i often challenge myself now and i'm happy if it's difficult... i repeat to myself 'seek discomfort' and any problem turns to a challenge that i relish instead of a problem to resist. Thank you so much yes theory. I don't have his dads adress... I will just content myself to sending him positive thoughts and sparkly pink light :-)

  68. Hassan Ajami

    Hassan AjamiPred 2 meseci

    Do you still not talk to your dad?

  69. Kim Topaz

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    This film was amazing! As always, Ammar, you inspire me as well as everyone in Yes Theory! As a middle-aged woman whose full-time, 24/7, job is an Autistic individual, I don't have much room to dream anymore but thanks to finding you and Yes Theory, I am trying to find the cracks in this thought and make some new dreams. The pandemic and my arthritis took away all the activities I love (first week of lockdown, my knee went out painfully and has not worked well since, so no hiking, walking, etc.) and I told myself to find other things to enjoy. This has been difficult. Now, with 1 vaccine down and 1 more to go, I am back to seeking the right medical profession to help me. I raised 2 kids and then learned in my 40's that I absolutely LOVE hiking, camping, all the outdoors things. But I only got to enjoy these activities for a few years and only on a handful of occasions. I want these opportunities BACK!!! I will move heaven and earth to make it happen!!! In April, I am seeing 4 different doctors. FINGERS CROSSED!!! I wish I was young and discovering what I love at your age, spending time with Wim Hof, traveling, doing all the things you are doing...but alas, I just want to be able to go hiking now. You can, I can, we all can if we believe in ourselves! SO proud of you, Ammar!!!

  70. David Averill

    David AverillPred 2 meseci

    LOVE.. Thank you Ammar!!!

  71. KUAROO

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    Family is not born, they're made. Once you accept and live it, you'll never be the same.

  72. L Hope

    L HopePred 2 meseci

    I love how you can make me feel watching your movies , I went through 8 years of hard depression , 3 times I tried to finish it , now I finally went out of it and I’m super happy , I love my life , and watching your movies make me even loving my life more and more ❤️

  73. Raghda Ghonaim

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  74. Damboo Calixto

    Damboo CalixtoPred 2 meseci

    I have never seen strength in vulnerability anywhere else. Thank you for inspiring us!

  75. BEAN

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    You’re my hero Ammar

  76. Megan Selvadurai

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  77. Lupe Mafileo

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    Thank you Ammar for sharing your story. I pray that your relationship with your dad gets better. Yes Theory is truly a blessing to the people you encounter, and your viewers.

  78. Nalli

    NalliPred 2 meseci

    Beautiful film

  79. Chenille Sarrosa

    Chenille SarrosaPred 2 meseci

    Omggg I got chills Whilw watching, Ammar has a very free sipirit. He inspired a lot of people Including me. And all the trials that he's been through made him much more stronger then he ever was

  80. Chenille Sarrosa

    Chenille SarrosaPred 2 meseci

    Omggg I got chills Whilw watching, Ammar has a very free sipirit. He inspired a lot of people Including me. And all the trials that he's been through made him much more stronger then he ever was

  81. Daph VK

    Daph VKPred 2 meseci

    Amazing story! ❤️

  82. yousef almutawa

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    why is this sponsored by google on youtube? I'm literally using google chrome for youtube . 69 percent of people use this . but ammar . this is insprenational

  83. Nancy S

    Nancy SPred 2 meseci

    Huge Love to all of you young men > Joy you are spreading is so needed in this world. Thank you. Love your videos.. More More More

  84. esabella mar

    esabella marPred 2 meseci

    I found this channel 2 weeks ago. I was sad about not finding it earlier but I believe in divine timing and I think I found you guys at the right time. This is by far the most inspiring channel I’ve come across and I’ve been watching YT since 2010. I feel so much more motivated to pursue what *I* want in this life after watching your videos. Thank you so much for everything you guys do, y’all have truly made a difference in my life:’) sending love from Guam 🇬🇺❤️

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    The gifted sturgeon perioperaively kiss because explanation phylogenetically help via a wide-eyed aunt. lovely, direful impulse

  86. Creator Wizard

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    Definitely teared up. What an incredible brand partnership. Well done!

  87. Anita S

    Anita SPred 2 meseci

    So well produced!

  88. Ahmed Roblox

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    ammar you muslim i am also muclim

  89. Judith Casant

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    This made me tear up so much. Thank you for sharing.

  90. Joseph Mikael Moses

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    This is everything.

  91. Josh Kim

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    You control your life you do whatever you want NOBODY Can control your life its your body its your life you own your life nobody canchoose what you do and what not to do even if your father says he's gonna disown you your not his son anymore

  92. Daniel Edwardsen

    Daniel EdwardsenPred 2 meseci

    I watched the story about your dad and to be honest tell him to shove his ideas and the old way of life up his Ass, if he can not see the good you are doing for others and how you are benefiting their lives he can suck a fat one, people that are stuck in the old days of life and mind have to realise it will never be that way again and its time to allow evolution to occur, serperating your son and saying you are disowning him is disgraceful as a father, you brought life into this world and because that life doesnt follow all your rules like a robot you feel the need to disown him, it is time for you to grow up.

  93. l ThatSkaterGuy l

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  94. Tara G

    Tara GPred 2 meseci

    i cried so many times watching this and smiled so much as well. I come back every so often to rewatch it and it always pulls the same emotions from me. I have been here since 2016 and can not wait to see you achieve all your goals in the next 10 years. Yes Theory inspires me to always take the chance. Always seek out the things that make me uncomfortable. That make my family question my choices, because at the end of the day, I’d rather remember the chances I took then the comfort I passed by.

  95. Airline Kids

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    A beautiful video. Thanks for doing that.

  96. Jacob Wiley

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    You’re the best Ammar. Thank you for your difficult sacrifices. ✊

  97. Matti Lopez

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    Just WOW...

  98. Ahmed Hmza

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    As an Egyptian citizen , I can relate to this worthwhile journey

  99. Grant Andrews

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    This is beautiful ❤️

  100. Ariel Delarosa FL

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    5:36 Eh somewhat true but Not really

  101. Minatozaki Kyla

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    Dear Ammar's Parents. Thank you for bringing Ammar into the world.

  102. Xx Gnome xX

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    I find this story so moving and wonderful, Thank you yes theory, I will always seek discomfort