I'm Leaving YouTube

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After five and a half years as a host on this channel, I've decided to step away. 'Thank You' are the only two words I can muster. You, this community, have shown me nothing but endless love and support. The video goes into detail about my decision.

I'll be writing a short newsletter twice a month at www.yestheory.com/newsletter. This is the newsletter I wish my 19 year old self had when I first set out to live a fulfilling life. When you sign you'll receive lessons, tips and tricks from ten years of seeking discomfort.

I'll also be working on the book which will come out in November of this year...but more on that later.

Come follow along on the ride. We're only just getting started :)

Also, make sure to wait till the end to watch our EPIC season trailer.

Love you all,


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  1. Luke Ferrell

    Luke FerrellPred 16 urami

    To Russia 😢

  2. Awenda18

    Awenda18Pred 17 urami

    “Beginnings always hide themselves in endings”. I wrote that down Matt ❣️

  3. Maylee Torres

    Maylee TorresPred 18 urami

    OMG! I just met Matt recently this past May in Puerto Rico! I had no idea he was leaving Yes Theory :( after watching this video it makes me so happy to know that I got to meet him! He’s so awesome! After an awkward “where do I know you from?! “ I was so excited to know it was him! I had to get a pic 😆 Matt Thank you for the epic part of my Puerto Rico Trip! Good luck on your next chapter, you’ll truly be missed!

  4. NZDamo

    NZDamoPred 20 urami

    I just subscribed, I'll unsubscribe then

  5. Kyrene7

    Kyrene7Pred dnevom

    Oh my god! Was in tears... you're amazing and you will be miss on video ❤❤ But I can't wait to read your book. All the best for your next dreams 🤙🏽❤

  6. James Byrne

    James ByrnePred dnevom

    Good luck😀 and thank u

  7. Linxz _

    Linxz _Pred dnevom

    damn my favorite member

  8. Joseph Vale

    Joseph ValePred dnevom

    It's not goodbye...it's il see ya later. Goodluck buddy. I'm in a very weird time of my life also.

  9. Michael Kelso

    Michael KelsoPred dnevom

    Love it, but SO dramatic LOL. You're not even really leaving you're going to writing. So over the top but not in a bad way. Should make for some great writing. :P

  10. Bl2z3 r

    Bl2z3 rPred dnevom

    Lol a couple weeks later he makes a video🤣🤣

  11. Dylan

    DylanPred 2 dnevi

    So he’s not leaving Yes Theory. It’s clickbait. He’ll just be behind the camera doing behind the scenes stuff

  12. Elijah Gavin

    Elijah GavinPred 2 dnevi

    Fake tears for views

  13. Mike Paradis

    Mike ParadisPred 2 dnevi

    youve impacted me

  14. AL DANTE

    AL DANTEPred 2 dnevi

    I’m gonna miss you Matt ❤️❤️❤️😢😢😭😭

  15. 1TapHeadshot

    1TapHeadshotPred 3 dnevi

    ive watched this channel for just over four years now and to see you go hurts but wish the best for your future

  16. Intercontinental V

    Intercontinental VPred 3 dnevi

    You have made the best choice ever ...stop living for SLthrow.. Live for you!! There is more You made the greatest decision N we a happy for you.. Thank you .. If you dont do nothing in the end nothing will become everything 👌

  17. Nick O'Donnell

    Nick O'DonnellPred 3 dnevi

    You guys should bring Luke from the Great Barrier Reef video into yes theory.

  18. loketo mark yeptho o

    loketo mark yeptho oPred 3 dnevi

    Italy girl I miss

  19. Kaelen Dekan

    Kaelen DekanPred 4 dnevi

    This is sad. But the app sounds very cool. I would love to experience the things you guys did


    DAMAGEDEVOXPred 4 dnevi

    So not much of a book reader but I just started watching these guys and really feel the energy they have and might need to read this book. Maybe there is an audio book?

  21. Smokey

    SmokeyPred 4 dnevi

    Follow your dreams bud 👍. You guys are awsome and glad to hear this isn't the end but a new beginning 🥳

  22. Gautham Rajan

    Gautham RajanPred 5 dnevi

    Already miss you sooo much Matt, without seeing you in these new Yes Theory vidoes kinda breaks my 💕❤😞😞😞😞

  23. Arif Khan

    Arif KhanPred 5 dnevi

    I am not crying, you are

  24. Randall Levy

    Randall LevyPred 5 dnevi

    You are amazing. You are all amazing inspirations. I don't know any of you, but somehow watching your videos makes me not feel so alone. I can't really explain or even understand it. But discovering your videos and movement matters.

  25. Justin Brewer

    Justin BrewerPred 5 dnevi

    Also click bait as fuck bruh. YOU ARE CRYING BECAUSE YOU WONT BE IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA???? P.S. Matt- EVERYONE is replaceable.

  26. Elijah Gavin

    Elijah GavinPred 2 dnevi

    Hahahahaha I just found this channel and you’re so right

  27. Justin Brewer

    Justin BrewerPred 5 dnevi

    Oh my ducking god!! Is this serious? Or another skit? It’s about him doing something for himself using yes theory to promote his new shit. Your not doing anything different bruh. You just won’t be in front of the camera. He is acting like he has had a secret family with two kids and a wife, just finding out he is now dying of cancer. Holy shit. Really like yes theory, I use to LOVE THIS CHANNEL a couple years ago but it’s now become part of the beast. It does standout with a light of positivity and a “vibe” of family but just a fraction of how it did a couple years ago. Maybe you should see a therapist for these such difficult transitions you are going through.

  28. Vipera berus

    Vipera berusPred 4 dnevi

    KEKW or POG? be honest

  29. JP

    JPPred 5 dnevi

    You guys should make a freaking movie !!!

  30. Cheryl G

    Cheryl GPred 5 dnevi

    Wow I just saw my first video from this channel today and the second video I see that you’re leaving. I’m happy for you and look forward to seeing new videos while also planning to look through all of the old Matt featured videos. I can say with certainty that Ill be traveling to Tuvalu!

  31. Nuha Idris

    Nuha IdrisPred 6 dnevi

  32. Lesly Joanna

    Lesly JoannaPred 6 dnevi

    Is the first page gonna be type written 😳😳😳

  33. AwkwardKnob

    AwkwardKnobPred 6 dnevi

    LOL can't wait for your "book" and the cool "apps" mannnnnn they're GONNA BE SICK

  34. Hidef 7564

    Hidef 7564Pred 6 dnevi



    BOYDY BOYDYPred 6 dnevi

    Is the hoodie Matt’s wearing still available?

  36. TommyNics

    TommyNicsPred 6 dnevi

    Couldnt help but cry watching this man. Good Luck and God Bless

  37. Tim Pent

    Tim PentPred 6 dnevi

    We love you matt i hope you find whatever it is you are looking for!

  38. Cristalyn Rivera

    Cristalyn RiveraPred 6 dnevi

    2 members left :< Good luck bro

  39. Gabija

    GabijaPred 6 dnevi

    you are such a big inspiration. This channel, you and your team makes me pursue my dreams and live to the fullest

  40. Foxツ

    FoxツPred 7 dnevi

    I literally don't understand why he's leaving. He's not having a kid, he's not starting a family, he's not moving away. He already has this successful business, so many possible amazing experiences he could have. He literally just said he was writing a book and left. His loss I guess

  41. Foxツ

    FoxツPred 6 dnevi

    @Leyren Ya that's true, thank you.

  42. Leyren

    LeyrenPred 6 dnevi

    Peoples interest change while growing older. Sometimes in life you just want to do something different, following new goals. What "possible amazing experiences" are is subjective. Are you still pursuing the same hobby as you did when you were 12 year old? Did people tell you you are not allowed to drop something you did until now because you "are not having a kid"? If you force yourself to continue doing something you don't enjoy any more, it would just turn out to have a bad outcome anyway.

  43. SooperToober

    SooperTooberPred 7 dnevi

    Meh - looking to productize n monetize your YT fame while you can.

  44. A-ron

    A-ronPred 7 dnevi

    Just became a subscriber. I always had that idea to seek discomfort but you guys are the true definition of it and thanks for this video, im going through some life changing events and I dont like it and it is scary starting all over again but that is only gona makes me go harder. Thank you

  45. T Barb

    T BarbPred 7 dnevi

    I learned to type on one of those! So satisfying to type on. Good luck!

  46. HoldITorsken

    HoldITorskenPred 7 dnevi

    i remember when i saw this video for the first time, i broke down in tears because you mean so much to yes theory and im sure so many other people can relate😭

  47. Sneha Tandel

    Sneha TandelPred 7 dnevi

    Can anyone suggest more book like richard bransons...??

  48. Keith Christian

    Keith ChristianPred 8 dnevi

    This is bs

  49. Ethically Sound

    Ethically SoundPred 8 dnevi

    Lovely video. I realized how yes theory remodels masculinity as something that includes vulnerability, intimacy, and communication. So needed.

  50. Alaska

    AlaskaPred 4 dnevi

    Yes I 100% agree!! Men should be able to be vulnerable and cry and be intimate with others without them being shamed for it. The dudes at yes theory are incredible

  51. Mohamad Elzaher

    Mohamad ElzaherPred 8 dnevi

    One word: Gay.

  52. Mercedez Alvarez

    Mercedez AlvarezPred 9 dnevi

    He’s the kid in the Oblivion video by Grimes. Lol.

  53. Shandele Broyles

    Shandele BroylesPred 9 dnevi

    That's so funny watching him try to use the type writer. Says how old I am, lol

  54. david labrousse

    david labroussePred 10 dnevi

    I see just found yes thery today,and i really hate to day this,i mean it but it wouldnt be rihht to go against my guts not for me or any of you.but as this episode was vloseing out i got a very distinct feeling that something bad was about to happen Kerp vigalant not paranoid as that may facilitate something negitive. But stay fluid and clear and eyes open.perhaps something bad will turn to new growth or shedding of old skin.i dont know anything about you folks But i trust in the long run everything will work toghther for good on the highest level in your lives. Stay frosty David

  55. Ace Plays-

    Ace Plays-Pred 11 dnevi

    We will miss you Matt hope you have a great and successful life Yes Theory never forget you and your fans!

  56. Fabian Difrakhsh

    Fabian DifrakhshPred 11 dnevi

    I hope we get to see him in the videos sometimes at least ;)

  57. M Sa'ad

    M Sa'adPred 12 dnevi

    Matt was my fav

  58. LIselott Nelson

    LIselott NelsonPred 12 dnevi

    Good luck. I have never been rich, but I have always been happy. Happiness is the most important thing in life

  59. Asti Utami

    Asti UtamiPred 12 dnevi

    Too sad, I cant watch this 😫



    I am 36. And still not satisfied with myself. I have travelled. I have done things right. Wrong. But no matter what inside my brain - Sth keep saying it’s not you. You came to do some big things. Can I. Should I quit my unhappy waking up mornings and just be myself. Yeah. I heard. I must. Have to. Thanks. Matt - we love you! Thanks for your honesty. Be happy man. God bless.

  61. de verdad de nada

    de verdad de nadaPred 13 dnevi

    That ending was epic

  62. Nate one

    Nate onePred 13 dnevi

    maybe I am forgetting watching b4 but I need to say this is selfless to seek the next stage and give more to people that coincides with what you're ready for

  63. Ed Sanchez

    Ed SanchezPred 13 dnevi

    Thank you Matt I saw this yes theory episode when you first posted it I watched it again thank you. As you say seek discomfort I am this is discomforting for me so good luck just joined your newsletter.

  64. xXsimplyYellowXx

    xXsimplyYellowXxPred 13 dnevi

    Day 1 of meh trynna get pinned by yEs tHeOrY

  65. EpiC PickleBoy

    EpiC PickleBoyPred 14 dnevi

    by mat

  66. LIA

    LIAPred 14 dnevi

    such a beautiful soul you are!

  67. Kelsi Young

    Kelsi YoungPred 14 dnevi

    This is incredible. Best wishes to you on the next path on your journey.

  68. Jennifer Holt

    Jennifer HoltPred 14 dnevi

    The rambunctious pamphlet uniquely drag because semicolon synthetically cure between a pushy butcher. gaping, chilly work

  69. Jenna Curtindale

    Jenna CurtindalePred 15 dnevi


  70. Grant

    GrantPred 15 dnevi

    Damn Matt! Definitely going to miss you. It's crazy how close and connected you can feel with someone just by watching their videos. Love ya and wish you the best of luck dude.

  71. Akanksha

    AkankshaPred 16 dnevi

    Just discovered you guys yesterday and now you are leaving. All the very best Matt, you are a rockstar ❤

  72. Pranchal Goel

    Pranchal GoelPred 16 dnevi

    i don't want to say much matt, i feel so lucky to see you building with friends. very rare people get chance of that. yes theory is about seeking discomfort. i think that has been in you and you with growing channel was at comfort. this is you your life wanna grew more and seek discomfort its alright. we from INDIA love you and support you broda!! love you whatever you wanna do.....

  73. Padjoe Ceall

    Padjoe CeallPred 16 dnevi

    No good living a life like that with no prayer, because the YES theory is your going to HELL, 100% Facts

  74. Bucket List Travellers

    Bucket List TravellersPred 17 dnevi

    Good on you for pushing yourself into new directions. All the best in the next chapter of your journey

  75. ItsJulli

    ItsJulliPred 17 dnevi

    We love you Matt, do what you love - we’ll still be proud of you And I’m SO excited for that book omg

  76. Mikel Riojas

    Mikel RiojasPred 17 dnevi

    I know we will all miss you sooo much! But as we have a certain amount of time to live... Im hoping for you, Matt, to have the best of what is to come, in you're next adventure!! Good luck, and stay happy

  77. Elínrós Díanadóttir

    Elínrós DíanadóttirPred 17 dnevi

    Such a beautiful man and message. Yayy to deaths and rebirths 🙌🥳🎉🙌

  78. hairiz zamzam

    hairiz zamzamPred 18 dnevi

    I am missing Matt already. Yes theory videos does not feel the same without Matt comical banters and action. Do please make an appearances often non the less, good luck in what you are doing n life. Lots of love from Singapore!!!!

  79. Andrew (Esara) Holst

    Andrew (Esara) HolstPred 18 dnevi

    dang so we'll never get the backflip:(

  80. spencer lord

    spencer lordPred 18 dnevi

    Good luck with everything, all good things come to an end but when one door other will open.

  81. Michael Gavaletz

    Michael GavaletzPred 19 dnevi

    Matt’s the type of guy you want in your wedding party

  82. nada ghanem

    nada ghanemPred 19 dnevi

    This video came across just on the right time for me . You keep it up guys ❤️

  83. FlickyShot

    FlickyShotPred 19 dnevi

    Do what your heart tells you but make sure you don’t leave something behind you’ll regret. I’ve been there. I am not going to say who I am but I’ve also been in your situation with reality tv. I was a reality tv personality/ character on a few shows and I was torn. Good luck with your journey

  84. Diddle Hale

    Diddle HalePred 19 dnevi

    Thank you

  85. Tarzen 007

    Tarzen 007Pred 19 dnevi

    They have very smart charming n creativity also very talented videos editors ....

  86. Paul-Etienne Chadenet

    Paul-Etienne ChadenetPred 19 dnevi

    miss you

  87. Montreal Supercars Spotting

    Montreal Supercars SpottingPred 20 dnevi


  88. Ruan Pieterse

    Ruan PietersePred 20 dnevi

    Please will you tell me wen3the book is coming out

  89. Noe egel

    Noe egelPred 21 dnevom

    its just marketing he will come back after few months

  90. Odin

    OdinPred 21 dnevom

    this hurts to watch 😔. thank you matt, youll be missed

  91. Yel Kobayashi

    Yel KobayashiPred 22 dnevi

    I have been depressed for 5 years now. Locked myself in my room with close to zero human interaction. Watching your videos made me wish that i could be as spontaneous or be with people whom i care for and care about me. I havent watch a single video of this channel for a year or two now and then i didnt realize that slowly and slowly ive been following your guys motto in life. This video made me 😭 cry. It was Yes theory that left a great mark in my heart without even realizing it. So sad matts gone.

  92. Yel Kobayashi

    Yel KobayashiPred 22 dnevi

    I have been depressed for 5 years now. Locked myself in my room with close to zero human interaction. Watching your videos made me wish that i could be as spontaneous or be with people whom i care for and care about me. I havent watch a single video of this channel for a year or two now and then i didnt realize that slowly and slowly ive been following your guys motto in life. This video made me 😭 cry. It was Yes theory that left a great mark in my heart without even realizing it. So sad matts gone.

  93. Yel Kobayashi

    Yel KobayashiPred 18 dnevi

    @Astro Vero Thanks. Actually im a lot better now. It was all possible because i followed YES THEORY'S motto to say YES to all lifes opportunities. I was put on the spot a lot of times where i would normally say NO but i said YES. Now i have friends more than what i could have ever ask for.

  94. Astro Vero

    Astro VeroPred 18 dnevi

    You’ll get though all of it! Its hard, but its gonna get better. Follow your dreams!

  95. Yel Kobayashi

    Yel KobayashiPred 22 dnevi

    I have been depressed for 5 years now. Locked myself in my room with close to zero human interaction. Watching your videos made me wish that i could be as spontaneous or be with people whom i care for and care about me. I havent watch a single video of this channel for a year or two now and then i didnt realize that slowly and slowly ive been following your guys motto in life. This video made me 😭 cry. It was Yes theory that left a great mark in my heart without even realizing it. So sad matts gone.

  96. shierly wibowo

    shierly wibowoPred 22 dnevi

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  97. Michael Cabrera

    Michael CabreraPred 22 dnevi

    Eric Kinney last goodbye... 😢

  98. Joe Garza

    Joe GarzaPred 22 dnevi

    SLthrow barely recommended this channel, watched the Irak documentary, loved it . Now this guy leaves .. hope you guys continue to produce great content . Good luck as a writer/producer/entrepreneur

  99. Nurkyz Asylbekova

    Nurkyz AsylbekovaPred 23 dnevi

    Love you, Matt

  100. Tommy Bo

    Tommy BoPred 23 dnevi

    fucking amazing bois

  101. Gracelike rain

    Gracelike rainPred 23 dnevi

    HOW DARE YOU LEAVE US 😒 ....jk enjoy your life 🤪

  102. Zekyu

    ZekyuPred 23 dnevi

    Man, Matt is such a big figure for me on this channel, it pains me that he'll not appear in videos anymore. I'm still hanging out for the day the part 2 for his backflip video is released, I was so moved by him trying to overcome one of his biggest fears, though it ended on such a huge cliffhanger.

  103. SOURAV kumarGTA

    SOURAV kumarGTAPred 24 dnevi


  104. Az

    AzPred 24 dnevi

    Watching old Yes Theory videos shows how far these boys have come. Matt you were the first person on Yes Theory I watch and I've been addicted since. Completely respect your decision Matt. I hope you can come back to the videos one day ✌️ Can't wait for the book.. Inshallah 🤲

  105. Mr Puo

    Mr PuoPred 24 dnevi


  106. RelishRick

    RelishRickPred 27 dnevi

    The montage at the end of him typing with 2 fingers made me laugh

  107. thisisanewbeginning

    thisisanewbeginningPred 27 dnevi

    You look exhausted so its good you take care.

  108. Sam Scout

    Sam ScoutPred 27 dnevi

    Good luck 🤞 on your way to your dream