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This week, I traveled to the beautiful country of Iraq. All my life I'd heard of the war in Iraq and how dangerous it was to visit, but I wanted to go there and explore if for myself to hear the stories that didn't make it into the media. So, along with Drew Binsky, Lexie Alford and Cory Martin, we were taken around Iraqi Kurdistan by our amazing guide, Baderkhan.

Thank you to Lexie Limitless for joining us on this crazy adventure:

Thank you to Cory Martin for shooting this video:

Thank you to Baderkhan for taking us around Kurdistan!

Thank you to Drew Binsky for joining us:

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  1. Oksana Ahmed

    Oksana AhmedPred 2 urami

  2. Alpenacre

    AlpenacrePred 6 urami

    This is genuinely so cool. I've always viewed Iraq as just a worn torn country in the Middle East and looked nothing past it. It's crazy to see how actually friendly and developed areas are in the country. Keep making more awesome content!

  3. Mari Cogan

    Mari CoganPred 7 urami

    Where are the women and girls?

  4. amjd mohammed

    amjd mohammedPred 10 urami

    Welcome to Mesopotamia, Iraq 😇🥀💖💖💖💖

  5. irene st

    irene stPred 11 urami

    this reminded me that the video i first watched and drew my interest in your channel was you guys going to wedding uninvited

  6. MSA AN

    MSA ANPred 11 urami

    This Kurdish guy didn't tell the truth in many parts of his speech. So racist

  7. nelida guzman

    nelida guzmanPred 11 urami

    This is beautiful, my respect for them and all the horrible things they had to see and live.

  8. Rima Rama

    Rima RamaPred 12 urami

    Write kurdistan KURDISTAN NOT IRAQ

  9. Hussein Hashem

    Hussein HashemPred 13 urami

    My father is Arabic and my mother is Kurdish and we lived in Mosul so the Kurds and Arabs are the same to me. When I was young living in Mosul both sides were trying to hurt us and my sister that was 13 running home cause the kits came in Mosul was shot so everyone has pain from that country so don’t make it like the Kurds were so innocent cause when they shot my sister they were not that innocent.

  10. syazwan mohd

    syazwan mohdPred 14 urami

    Man love this so much, share with the world beautiful side of Iraq…hope someday can come and visit the country to experience its amazing culture

  11. Connor

    ConnorPred 14 urami

    Opened my eyes to the truth! So much lies on Media

  12. Nuha Idris

    Nuha IdrisPred 16 urami

    Beautiful ❤

  13. David Brandenburg

    David BrandenburgPred 16 urami

    dude I like most of your videos but where you are going is just stupid, you might as well vacation in Damascus while wearing an american flag t-shirt!.

  14. Izzuddinovic.Z

    Izzuddinovic.ZPred 17 urami

    speechless tour...very sentimental.

  15. Sivar gamer

    Sivar gamerPred 17 urami


  16. Kevin DiOssi

    Kevin DiOssiPred 18 urami

    Man, this channel does some incredible storytelling in addition to some extremely fun videos along the way. I’ll be purchasing some merch to support.

  17. Dexter

    DexterPred 21 uro

    "Walk slow but never stop" mind blowing

  18. Mohamed Nid Said

    Mohamed Nid SaidPred 21 uro

    awesome video, its like im already there travelling 😃

  19. Aril Aris

    Aril ArisPred dnevom

    This is why i really love watching Yes Theory content, they spread the truth, happiness, adventure and love. We as muslim love every religion, actually we all are brothers & sisters. Maybe one day we all as different religion can seat and drink a coffee together peacefully, Insya Allah. Yes Theory, you guys are awesome.

  20. Zachary Williams

    Zachary WilliamsPred dnevom

    This is such a fuckin cool channel. No one can say otherwise. You have an actual mission statement

  21. whack af

    whack afPred dnevom

    The high-pitched archeology correspondingly open because school temporarily annoy up a torpid ice. slippery, fluffy meal

  22. Maria Clara Brito

    Maria Clara BritoPred dnevom

    You should go to Venezuela

  23. Michael Cruz

    Michael CruzPred dnevom

    You guys are freaking awesome!!!

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    Ali HadiPred dnevom

    Willcome to kurdistan

  25. Jim Bullard

    Jim BullardPred dnevom

    I am becoming such a fan. Great images and real people.

  26. Ciwan Ahmed

    Ciwan AhmedPred dnevom

    Yes theory why you are saying IRAQ all the time it's just Kurdistan :'(

  27. Ciwan Ahmed

    Ciwan AhmedPred dnevom

    Guys it's not Iraq it's KURDISTAN :) JUST KURDISTAN☺

  28. حمودي غازي

    حمودي غازيPred dnevom

    ماكو واحد يترحم شيحجي شني سالفه خاف يقلط علينه 😅

  29. Vanessa Rocaberte

    Vanessa RocabertePred dnevom

    Nice video and it opened our eyes to the other side of Iraq aside from bombings . God Bless Iraq and it’s people . Peace !

  30. Jay B

    Jay BPred dnevom

    not one bomb or shot fired in this area during the iraq and afghan war.. only place you were not required to wear a vest on leave ... the resorts and waterparks are real folks

  31. V Vee

    V VeePred dnevom

    Thank you, what a beautiful video, thank you🙏👍🏾🙂🌈

  32. Khalat ks

    Khalat ksPred dnevom

    welcome to kurdistan, we love you😊

  33. Nico

    NicoPred 2 dnevi

    Showing this video to people who say " just terrorists live in the middle east" or "all muslims are terrorists and criminal" helped so much to fight racism! sorry for bad english

  34. SG_R

    SG_RPred 2 dnevi

    Holy shit Kurdistan is my home country and where my parents where born :0

  35. أبنك ياعراق 🇮🇶

    أبنك ياعراق 🇮🇶Pred 2 dnevi


  36. nicole.jr88

    nicole.jr88Pred 2 dnevi

    What wonderful kind people you meet thanks for sharing your time with us.

  37. Mustafa Al-Niama

    Mustafa Al-NiamaPred 2 dnevi

    You should’ve told me, I’d have tagged along lol

  38. Joe Bruey

    Joe BrueyPred 2 dnevi

    Baderkhan: "Some day, people will not call me a terrorist, they'll call me a tourist". That's an MLK speech-worthy line. Well said, Baderkhan. Thank you for this video. I've always wanted to see more of Iraq since my last, more 'unpleasant' visit. Well done!


    ALAA ALAMEENPred 2 dnevi


  40. عبدالعزيز الحارثي

    عبدالعزيز الحارثيPred 2 dnevi

    العراقيين العلم اللي موجود علم وش علم العراق مو كذا ؟!!!!

  41. Morgan Stopford

    Morgan StopfordPred 2 dnevi

    I'm not crying, you are! So amazing x

  42. Fayez Hamim

    Fayez HamimPred 2 dnevi

    Seeing jolly minded baderkhan getting emotional makes me realise how tragic and traumatised the event was 😢. I broke into tears while watching this video.

  43. arthur Me

    arthur MePred 2 dnevi

    Politicians and governments is what starts wars

  44. h94 h94

    h94 h94Pred 2 dnevi

    KURDISTAN ♥️ 🌞 💚

  45. arthur Me

    arthur MePred 2 dnevi

    The past we can not forget. So it doesn’t happen again look what is happing in come countries now the liberals in Canada are trying to turn Canada in to communist country

  46. S R

    S RPred 2 dnevi

    I haven't watched such an impressive video in my life, thanks for sharing it with us.

  47. arthur Me

    arthur MePred 2 dnevi

    That’s the way a church should look like not covered in gold taken from the pore like u now who the noes that rape and kill children and the worlds government do nothing

  48. Umberto maresca

    Umberto marescaPred 2 dnevi

    Baderkhan...???..come on! what a better guide I guess....thanks again guys for yr beautiful & spirit lifting contents..God bless you all

  49. Asif Abbas

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    Why havn,t u come to pakistan

  50. Peregrine Falcon

    Peregrine FalconPred 2 dnevi

    loved to see this side of iraq ...i think the entire middle east has gained that repo because of those political and military and religious conflict there

  51. K GKP

    K GKPPred 3 dnevi

    Thank you for showing us around the world, the true beauty of the people and their country. 💖🇦🇺

  52. Carol Velasco

    Carol VelascoPred 3 dnevi

    OMG I feel so good from seeing that Iraq is not just crumbling buildings. 26yo and all I've seen from Iraq in the media was the worst part of Iraq. The media can really be brainwashing. Happy and grateful to have found this video🥰

  53. shayma nawzad

    shayma nawzadPred 3 dnevi

    you are very welcome to my country ( Erbil-Kurdistan )

  54. jose rodriguez

    jose rodriguezPred 3 dnevi

    ...."love can change everything"... That's so true! Excellent video.

  55. Connie Moriarty

    Connie MoriartyPred 3 dnevi

    I just shared your link to "A beautiful & crucial message is found in this video, thank you Yes Theory for sharing! I've traveled overseas a lot, and it's so true-- if you show an openness to learn and an interest in people's culture, they will open their hearts and homes to you and treat you like sisters from other misters and brothers from other mothers. There is a human connection that transcends everything else. The politicians and globalists just use divisive dialogues to separate us. They're afraid of the people's uprising.

  56. Laisa hh

    Laisa hhPred 3 dnevi

    Its sad how the war has ruined so many lives, cultures, religions, beautiful historic buildings.

  57. Laisa hh

    Laisa hhPred 3 dnevi

    Honestly just being away from America is bliss

  58. BlueSkies

    BlueSkiesPred 3 dnevi

    Beautiful view of Iraq people n country.

  59. إჂ̤ رسرس

    إჂ̤ رسرسPred 3 dnevi

    طلعنه مشهورين 😂😂

  60. Akar Arif

    Akar ArifPred 3 dnevi

    I didn’t know you came here that kills me I didn’t know

  61. unoto

    unotoPred 3 dnevi

    I'm currently stationed in Erbil as U.S. military. Ever since I knew I was coming here I've been so curious about the culture here. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see Kurdistan from the other side of the fence that I unfortunately otherwise wouldn't have had. The few Kurds that I've been lucky to interact with here are such happy, kind people. I hope to come back to visit someday without the uniform on and the duties and restrictions that come along with it. I'd love to truly experience the beautiful region, culture, and people of Kurdistan!

  62. E as G P

    E as G PPred dnevom

    We still have troops in Iraq? Stay safe man

  63. Helen Osmat

    Helen OsmatPred 3 dnevi

    l am from Zakho in kurdistan and l so happy there are in kurdistan that amazing videos and lam always waching video in this SLthrow ✨

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    20:30 This place reminded me a lot of that movie The Physician

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    What a great video ❤💪🏻 showing the other side of the country's in de middle east, one day the world can visit this welcoming people and beautiful lands 🫂

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    This is one of the first SLthrow videos thats ever made me cry, This genuinely changed how I feel about the Situation in Iraq and I do thank you for it

  74. Rheumattica

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    The worst, most empty headed, frivelous, uninfornative, pointless, NON-documentaries in the world. TOTAL GARBAGE.

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    Just like your existence.

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    Iraq and its people are so beautiful. I wish one day I could visit it.

  77. Mahdi Ali

    Mahdi AliPred 4 dnevi

    As an Iraqi guy from Karbala city I’d like to thank you bro because you show up the nice side of Iraq . We love and respect all good people from all countries, although we got all that bad circumstances and wars but we still good people that love life love friends from other countries. Love and respect from Iraq to all of you . Please never forget to mention us in your prayers.I wish you all happy long life and always stay safe and healthy.

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    Where can I watch Cory martin's documentary project iceman? Does anyone know? Thank you c:

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    Thank you for including the "we didnt find any mass destruction weapons" cux that was one of the biggest deadliest most disgusting thing US govt has ever done.

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    I like Arabic culture, kurds, iranians, syrians they are all very same

  83. Jamel Sadek

    Jamel SadekPred 5 dnevi

    Don't become another big mouth of the kurdish propaganda. The rest of Iraq is much safer especially the cities with shia majority like Najaf, Karbala, Hilla, Kut, Nasiriyah, Basra, Diwaniya and Misan. Shia people are the one's who liberated Christians and yazidies from ISIS yet Kurdish people get all the credit. BE FAIR

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    I’m from Australia and love all people! One day I would love to travel around Iraq and the Middle East.

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    Easily one of the best videos I have ever seen! So much information and positivity, the world needs more of this. Much love from Brasil

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