He Started a Country Inside the U.S. Nobody Noticed.

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His "Excellency President Kevin Baugh" apparently started his own country inside the US called Molossia... We had to go see it to find out what it's all about.

As a note, you cannot just to go visit this place, you have to ask for permission first and get listed on the official tours they do. This usually only happens once a month a few months a year. Make sure you go on their website before you do anything and contact them for a tour :)

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  1. Yes Theory

    Yes TheoryPred 10 meseci

    So... Where do we start with building this nation huh?!

  2. ondrej kosik

    ondrej kosikPred 5 meseci

    @Hamdaan _007 Yeslanistan.

  3. Dominic Stanzione

    Dominic StanzionePred 5 meseci

    Id live there if I could grow weed

  4. Netherexio

    NetherexioPred 6 meseci


  5. Mariana Dias Pontes

    Mariana Dias PontesPred 9 meseci

    I want in pls

  6. Jahangir Alam

    Jahangir AlamPred 10 meseci

    Do jt anywhere count me in i wanna be a citizen of your country....

  7. Jason Jenisch

    Jason JenischPred 2 urami

    the two political parties should be people who like pineapple on pizza and people who dont

  8. Joyce Robertson

    Joyce RobertsonPred 6 urami

    I have skills, I can make organic mattresses and beds for Yeslandia. We can build community with skilled labor much like the Amish, one for all and all for one.

  9. Charles White64

    Charles White64Pred 8 urami

    Preciously Beyond Words Brilliant!🏰😊🖖

  10. Confederate Hero

    Confederate HeroPred 15 urami

    I wonder if he complains about taxation without representation.

  11. Dominick Garamella

    Dominick GaramellaPred 15 urami


  12. Fantasy World

    Fantasy WorldPred 16 urami

    Am joining

  13. Tristan Kubas

    Tristan KubasPred 17 urami


  14. Yurd Me

    Yurd MePred 23 urami

    Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness so you go to heaven

  15. Aland på äventyr

    Aland på äventyrPred dnevom

    molossia has the flag of sierra lione

  16. Among Us

    Among UsPred dnevom

    Hot rich guy walks into Molossia President: You're under arrest! The arrest can be avoided if you can marry our daughter Guy: Welp, I guess I've no choice President: Did you bring us Cookie dough? Guy: No President: You're under arrest!

  17. Kirk Jones

    Kirk JonesPred dnevom

    I glad he having fun and not just cuckoo cuckoo. Hamm

  18. Emperor Hi

    Emperor HiPred dnevom

    They a it had a Swedish flag on like that’s just a Nordic cross

  19. Jay Dee

    Jay DeePred 2 dnevi

    Ill definitely be joining yeslandia

  20. Reece Mangrum

    Reece MangrumPred 2 dnevi

    So like…his daughter or what? 🥵

  21. Matt Eldridge

    Matt EldridgePred 2 dnevi

    Kickassia is the real name - SLthrow Nostalgia Critic Kickassia - such a great series based here

  22. Max Malmsjö

    Max MalmsjöPred 2 dnevi

    Är thomas svensk

  23. Daniel Stickney

    Daniel StickneyPred 2 dnevi

    I'm guessing they boarder hop for healthcare needs.

  24. Laisa hh

    Laisa hhPred 3 dnevi

    I wanna visit so bad!!

  25. Laisa hh

    Laisa hhPred 3 dnevi

    Good on him

  26. Connor MacLeod

    Connor MacLeodPred 3 dnevi

    I start my own country also

  27. Curt Detman

    Curt DetmanPred 3 dnevi

    My only question. Drugs criminalized or decriminalized?

  28. xvideos .d0990

    xvideos .d0990Pred 3 dnevi


  29. Shawn Loves Horses & More.161

    Shawn Loves Horses & More.161Pred 3 dnevi

    Wow, this is so funny na dvery interesting

  30. J.A.M

    J.A.MPred 3 dnevi

    Oh yeah... and NO , you do NOT basically enter another Nation when you enter Molossia, they are still subject to almost ALL State and Federal Laws ! It’s almost like the Sovereign Citizens that get stopped by Police and think the Driving Laws do not apply to them 🤣 SOOOOO WRONG ! It’s basically Private Property with a few extras. ✌️

  31. J.A.M

    J.A.MPred 3 dnevi

    I can just look at his uniform and tell you it’s a HUGE joke ! LoL He’s copied different Military styles and metals, when he literally never served in any Military nor does his “country” have a Military ! ! Yeah, that pretty hilarious to me 🤣 He found a loophole and took advantage of it. Plain and simple... but hey, that’s what American is all about ! Capitalizing on available opportunities or what you believe are opportunities for you and yours. 🤷‍♂️

  32. Matthew Maguire

    Matthew MaguirePred 4 dnevi

    Hope he gets an invite to next G7.😎

  33. Matthew Maguire

    Matthew MaguirePred 4 dnevi

    One of the best displays of street theater ever!!!!



    imagine if Mr beast came here with a lot of cookie doe

  35. Happy Viewer

    Happy ViewerPred 5 dnevi

    Where do I put in a bid to become Queen, please? :-D

  36. Ahmed Jabir

    Ahmed JabirPred 5 dnevi

    Whe had a president for continuous 30 years


    KRISTINA KILBYPred 5 dnevi

    Awesome. If people can identify themselves as a unicorn. He can be a president of his own state. The left will accept it.go for it. Peter made his own land in a episode of the family guy.

  38. manuel castaneda

    manuel castanedaPred 6 dnevi

    Call me when you have a female President.

  39. El Mollejas TV

    El Mollejas TVPred 6 dnevi


  40. Ibrahim Sesay

    Ibrahim SesayPred 6 dnevi

    The flag is similar to Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 flag

  41. Mezz

    MezzPred 6 dnevi

    Yea, thats not the swedish flag....

  42. Petter !

    Petter !Pred 6 dnevi

    Love GEVALIA Coffee 💗

  43. j russell

    j russellPred 7 dnevi

    this turned out so much more wholesome than i expected

  44. Bud McKinney

    Bud McKinneyPred 7 dnevi

    I have inherited my father's "Oklahoma Blackberry Plantation" what a great place to start a new nation. I am guided by his spirit, listen close and you will hear it. "rest in peace" was spoken over his grave and, I became his only Blackberry picking slave, He compensates me $2 for every gallon picked and sells each gallon for $20. My currency is based on the Blackberries $1= half-gallon of Blackberries. The united states have some crooked lawyers attempting to abolish slavery and free my only berry picker. They want credit for changing his Status from "Slave" to "Employee". So they can tax his two dollars down to 20 cents per gallon. Blessings respect and love to all without prejudice

  45. Bri Taylor

    Bri TaylorPred 7 dnevi

    okay but gevalia is so good. one of my top favorite coffee brands ever lol

  46. Jack Carter

    Jack CarterPred 7 dnevi

    His nation is less of a joke than most real nations

  47. M J

    M JPred 7 dnevi

    Awesome 👏

  48. Chris.T

    Chris.TPred 7 dnevi

    Fun fact: he brought the land from a land seller and started to build the nation. Sadly before the seller could notice, He died.

  49. Apem Shimray

    Apem ShimrayPred 7 dnevi

    If its happen to be really true...... Than a rumour of sovereign Kailasha Hindu nation by Nithyananda Swami who originally from Tamil and wanted by Government of Tamil...

  50. Static 1

    Static 1Pred 7 dnevi

    They just single-handedly stimulated this nations economy using cookie dough

  51. Marc Chan

    Marc ChanPred 8 dnevi

    This is like kidzania

  52. Rick Pratt

    Rick PrattPred 8 dnevi

    Bomb the F out of it,business as usual.

  53. Jonathan Bazemore

    Jonathan BazemorePred 8 dnevi

    Hahaha! That's my boy. Nothing like a good old psychological pacifier and an artificially fomented (benign) delusion to keep ppl happy with what they don't really have. Even the great Shakespeare himself extolled the (questionable?) virtues of being a King of infinite empty space, la la la, etc. - really great stuff, lads. Now, I think I'm going to imagine that I'm a covertly-trained Yale neurologist working on a secret mind control machine to control not only this world, but many others. It's called a Nexus Generator.

  54. Paul Morgan

    Paul MorganPred 8 dnevi

    Good idea for video but not intrested in your life

  55. Jason Rowe

    Jason RowePred 9 dnevi

    Buy point Robert’s. It is connected to Canada 🇨🇦 no land connection to the US perfect micro nation

  56. V L

    V LPred 9 dnevi

    Peter Griffin's Petoria must've inspired him

  57. MatbRox B

    MatbRox BPred 10 dnevi

    Yeslandia, how to apply for my citizenship?!

  58. Bay George

    Bay GeorgePred 11 dnevi

    kevin baugh has his own channel called the republic of molossia it shows the battes with mustachistan

  59. TrashCreation

    TrashCreationPred 11 dnevi

    Man's currency is composed of cookie dough???? Bye mom, im moving to this man's republic...

  60. Kebab Remover

    Kebab RemoverPred 11 dnevi

    America should just Recognize it as a Country for shits and giggles

  61. Sam Izdat

    Sam IzdatPred 11 dnevi

    You are Swedish and you became a Muslim? WTF is wrong with your brain?

  62. Apexprey01

    Apexprey01Pred 12 dnevi

    buy an island man talk to the burning man guys

  63. Cooper Hurst

    Cooper HurstPred 12 dnevi

    Wait he’s actually pretty funny lol

  64. Pikachu THE GAY ATHEIST

    Pikachu THE GAY ATHEISTPred 12 dnevi

    You know it’s kind of funny if he doesn’t pay property taxes on this so-called country then video bank takes a hold of this so-called micro-nation, because really all this micro-nation is it’s just private property that is still regulated by the federal government of the United States. This tells that the nation that he believes exist does not actually exist, plus no nation can actually exist within another nation, because of international law without a Civil War, in addition to that is against the law to succeed from the United States. So he believes a delusion because no nation exist within United States with exceptions to Native Americans nations and their reservations under The Fort Laramie treaty, but this is not a Native American reservation therefore the United States is not going to recognize whatever sovereignty he claims, therefore that sovereignty is going to be illegal under the constitution’s secession laws, but because it’s surrendered is private property under specific regulations he can’t even claim succession, because he still paying property taxes, and the bank could liquidate the property the moment he stops doing it due to the succession laws, because it’s considered private property under the federal government. Molossia does not exist, because it can’t exist.

  65. Anthony Eastwood

    Anthony EastwoodPred 12 dnevi

    Nobody noticed til now

  66. Mc Diickkkin

    Mc DiickkkinPred 13 dnevi

    Does that mean he can kill anybody on that property an the US government cant do anything about it

  67. David Simmons son of God

    David Simmons son of GodPred 13 dnevi

    You pledged agents to me God ok so no

  68. David Simmons son of God

    David Simmons son of GodPred 13 dnevi

    You cant do that them country's are void

  69. Todd Zola

    Todd ZolaPred 13 dnevi

    Nope he's not a genius! He still has to pay taxes. He has to pay property taxes. And furthermore he can't put another country inside same country as he lives in. And yes he will go to jail pay penalties. Careless what he does on his own property but as long as he pays taxes in US. No way of getting away from it. Try it find out what happens?

  70. Sawyer Stone

    Sawyer StonePred 13 dnevi

    So much love for this man

  71. Jeanncardelis

    Jeanncardelis Pred 14 dnevi

    i would 100% be a citizen is yes theory’s nation

  72. ILikesPizzasss

    ILikesPizzasssPred 14 dnevi

    Channel name sus yes theory more like mm yes daddy

  73. Dyin Hope

    Dyin HopePred 14 dnevi

    It's like a theme park so awesome

  74. gvmnt failure

    gvmnt failurePred 14 dnevi

    One punch lol

  75. gvmnt failure

    gvmnt failurePred 14 dnevi

    Biden where's your four year to twenty dead commy botch oops still saint pete morgue my bad six months old

  76. gvmnt failure

    gvmnt failurePred 14 dnevi

    All travel law to that countries actual law

  77. gvmnt failure

    gvmnt failurePred 14 dnevi

    Excepted all countries standing written spoken law in that area all time

  78. iDawg

    iDawgPred 15 dnevi

    Does he pay taxes 😏

  79. Stacy Edrea

    Stacy EdreaPred 16 dnevi

    Taiwan is a country!

  80. Sebastian Cooley

    Sebastian CooleyPred 16 dnevi

    Holy shit that rocket technology

  81. Sebastian Cooley

    Sebastian CooleyPred 16 dnevi

    Cookie dough = valora = VALOR. Woah man (Smokes more)

  82. MisterCasa

    MisterCasaPred 16 dnevi

    2:29 the swedish flag doesnt look like that

  83. sandip biswas

    sandip biswasPred 17 dnevi

    marry the law enforcement officer and become the next president

  84. iamaho1291

    iamaho1291Pred 18 dnevi

    He dresses like a military dictator.

  85. Deluxray99

    Deluxray99Pred 18 dnevi

    wait, isn’t that literally just the Sierra Leone flag

  86. Leo XL

    Leo XLPred 18 dnevi

    This must be a JOKE



    Greetings from the nation of poyias

  88. Dev Partap

    Dev PartapPred 19 dnevi

    5:12 , me realizing that toady is this country's independence day.

  89. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph StalinPred 19 dnevi

    You single handedly just caused hyper inflation with the amount of cookie dough you gave them. You crashed their economy.

  90. MFbabyKangaroos

    MFbabyKangaroosPred 19 dnevi

    Happy Birthday Molossia

  91. Chen Yuan

    Chen YuanPred 19 dnevi

    what if one day the world decide to make coffee as an illegal drug?

  92. Areeb Ahsan

    Areeb AhsanPred 19 dnevi

    the guy is funny as hell.....

  93. Outer Space

    Outer SpacePred 20 dnevi

    I know one thing for sure... Molossia is the perfect tourist attraction!!

  94. Shawn Gudat

    Shawn GudatPred 21 dnevom

    Its fake

  95. Addie Kim

    Addie KimPred 21 dnevom

    I wanna visit this country very much. Are they still open to visitors? ^_^

  96. V and K Mac

    V and K MacPred 22 dnevi

    How is this guy a dictator he looks so nice

  97. Alexis Shouli

    Alexis ShouliPred 22 dnevi

    The trashy sugar comprehensively murder because ikebana regularly overflow against a brief clef. absorbing, meek grandfather

  98. ando leking

    ando lekingPred 23 dnevi

    no corruption or lobbying overthere?

  99. what?

    what?Pred 23 dnevi

    My county: BackYárdia Capital: Tree capitals Continent: house Language: Spangese ( Spainish+ English + Japanese) King: Me President: to be elected as the first replier to the comment Citizens: 👇

  100. PoZa coDM

    PoZa coDMPred 24 dnevi

    His like role playing lo

  101. PussNuggets

    PussNuggetsPred 25 dnevi

    I would like to become a citizen of this great nation. The current one i live in, located around the entirety of this wonderful place sucks, so i'm looking to relocate.

  102. Mr dino250

    Mr dino250Pred 25 dnevi

    I'm scared of this president

  103. 声の達人SpinjitzuStudio's

    声の達人SpinjitzuStudio'sPred 26 dnevi

    I wanna go there and celebrate chocolate chip cookie day

  104. icesniper5

    icesniper5Pred 27 dnevi

    everybody gangsta until the micro country invades usa and wins

  105. Al_xz

    Al_xzPred 28 dnevi

    1:52 How can you fail to make your own flag Lmao