50 Hours Inside the Most Radioactive Place On Earth (Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl)

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I've been fascinated with Chernobyl since the moment I read about it in history class over 10 years ago. A few months ago I had the opportunity to go explore it after a big snowfall. The stories we heard were both heartbreaking and inspiring. So excited to finally be able to share.

We were all tested for Covid multiple times before filming this episode and no one has showed any symptoms in the months following this trip.

Thank you to:
Nazar Dorosh for the FPV drone shots:

Cory Martin for the cinematography:

Misha for the guidance:

And Yuri Tabach for the facilitation of this trip.

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    As you can see, we decided to not add any sponsors or plugs on this story so we could focus on the story-telling and visual experience. But making a video of this complexity without sponsor is definitely not easy, the support from Seek Discomfort is largely how we're able to create stories like this one. It took us several months get the edit to this place and a few days of filming. I'm super proud of how the video came out and hope you enjoy it. Watch it on a TV for full experience :) See you next week - Thomas

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    Guys, if you're interested in Chernobyl and want to see more of it, there is a great series by youtuber called Shiey, check him out. He even slept in one of the buildings.

  8. Андрій Гембар

    Андрій ГембарPred 35 minutami

    Inspiring. video guys, Chernobyl should be remembered to not happen once again in the World. You are doing a great job talking about such difficult problems. Respect from Ukraine.

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    Fukushima now holds the title of the most radioactive place on this earth. It's still prohibited to visit the inner city.

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    The title is so misleading. The most radioactive place on earth is elephants foot and you wouldn’t be alive if you spent 1/100th of that time in there. There’s also a whole ton of videos of the bold English dude going to Chernobyl and meeting people that live in those areas of Kiev.

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